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1. To view schedule for a particular module, click on the module (e.g PC1431) tab. This is also where you can find the venues for your lessons.

3. To view lab schedule, please click on the LAB tab.

4. Other information on timetable and module registration can be found at

*To Year 1 Engineering Freshmen: Office of Undergraduate Programs will pre-allocate the common modules (according to your department's recommended schedule) to you in CORS, which are MA1505, MA1511, MA1512, MA1513, PC1432, ES1531, CS1010E, EG1112#(for ME/EE/ENG only).
#To view schedule for EG1112, please refer to this link (https://www.eng.nus.edu.sg/wp-content/uploads/EG1112_SCHEDULE.pdf) for info.
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1) PC1432 Lab group 2 change of schedule - Fri 2pm - 5pm.  
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