ES1102 English for Academic Purposes
Note: Students who are required to read ES1102 will need to bid for this module in CORS. Please note that there is no lecture for ES1102. Students can bid for their preferred classes without faculty restriction, from Round 2A onwards using General account.
IMPORTANT: Students who score a Band 1 or Band 2 in the Qualifying English Test (QET) have to read English for Academic Purposes module, ES1102. Upon completion of ES1102, no MCs is awarded. 

In AY2016/17 semester 1, a new module, ES1103 (also known as English for Academic Purposes) will be offered, which is derived from ES1102, and students will be awarded with 4 MCs upon successful completion of the module. Students from cohort AY2016 onwards will read ES1103 if they score a Band 1 or 2 in QET. Students from cohort AY2015 and before will continue to read ES1102.
Day Start Time End Time Type Group Session Venue Quota
Mon 16:00 18:00 S G01 1 CELC-SR1A 12
Thu 16:00 18:00 2 CELC-SR1A