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1. To view your schedule, click on the tabs located at the bottom of this page (A, B, C, D)
Group A: Common Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
Group B: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and Engineering Science Programme
Group C: Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Engineering
Group D: Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Science & Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering.

2. To view the schedule for a particular module, click on the module (e.g PC1431) tab. This is also where you can find the venues for your lessons.

3. To view lab schedule, please click on the LAB tab.

4. Other information on timetable and module registration can be found at https://www.eng.nus.edu.sg/undergraduatestudies/welcome/

*To Year 1 Engineering Freshmen: Office of Undergraduate Programs will pre-allocate the common modules (according to your department's recommended schedule) to you in CORS,
based on the class timetables on tabs A, B, C and D. If we encounter a timetable clash with a pre-allocated module, we will still pre-allocate the module to you with another lecture slot that does not clash with your time table.
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  LATEST UPDATES:                
  MA1511 Tutorial MA1511 Lecture ES1102 schedule  
  B06: change to Wed 9am - 11am D13a & b: change to Wed 1pm - 2pm reduce to one group with 2 session only.
  B07: change to Wed 4pm - 6pm D14: change to Wed 1pm - 2pm ES1103 schedule  
  B08: change to Wed 4pm - 6pm reduce to 10 groups with 2 session only.
  Group D7, D8 & D14 split into D7a, D7b, D8a, D8b, D14 & D14.  
  PC1431 Lab Group A12 change to Wed 9am - 12pm, 6 Sep & 8 Nov  
  Date for PC1431 Lab Group A07 & A13 have been amended.  
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