Timeline and Application

Timeline and Application

SEP Application Timeline for AY19/20

Round 1 (Sem 1, Sem 2 and Year-long applications)Early October - End October
Round 2 (Sem 2 only)Mid February - Mid March
Round 3 (Sem 2 only)Early April to End April

*All students who are planning to embark in Semester 1 and Year-long programmes MUST apply in Round 1. If you are a Polytechnic direct-entry student or a GEP student, you may also apply in Round 1.


The first call for applications will be made via email in early October for the next academic year.
Students who are eligible will be able to view places available to them and also submit their applications via the NUS Student Integrated System (NUS SIS), ‘Self-service’ (under the left menu)> External Study.

Before Application

(i) choose at least THREE SEP partner universities in THREE different continents (colour coded below)

(ii) prepare an initial study plan for each SEP partner university applied for interviews

(iii) ensure that the SEP partner universities are suitable for your respective engineering programmes

After Application

Successful applicants will be informed of the partner university allocated to them via email. Students will have to log into NUS SIS to accept/reject the offer. Students who reject an offer may be barred for applying again for another SEP partner university in the subsequent round of application. Upon accepting the SEP offer, students will be prompted on NUS SIS to map their modules.

Interview and Selection Criteria

Students are to be prepared for interviews in Round 1 & 2. Selection will be based on 50% CAP + 50% Interview rating.

Please carefully note that a SEP partner university may decide NOT to accept a student’s application due to various reasons. This decision is usually final. Those who are rejected will have a chance to re-apply to another university if time permits.

Extension of SEP

Applications for extending the SEP will be considered on a case by case basis. Please contact Ms Sharon Poh if you plan to apply for an extension.

Approval of extension is subject to the following:
(i) Agreement to the extension by the Partner University
(ii) Approval from the student’s Department in NUS on the study plan during the extended SEP period
(iii) Approval from the student’s scholarship awarding agency (if applicable)


Once a student has accepted a SEP offer, he/she is expected to complete the SEP. Should a student decide to withdraw, he/she should submit via email a formal request with your reason(s) for withdrawing to Ms Sharon Poh with a cc to the department coordinator. Withdrawals are taken very seriously as students who withdraw would have deprived other students who could have gone in their place. An administrative fee of S$300 will apply for students who withdraw without valid reasons after accepting the internal offer on NUS SIS.

This amount will be deducted together with your school fees in the next academic year

Timeline and Application