Module Mapping (for NUS-facilitated programmes)

Module Mapping (for NUS-facilitated programmes)

Module Mapping (for NUS-facilitated programmes)

Before Submission

  • All module mapping requests need to be submitted via NUSSIS so as to ensure that your proposed mappings can be forwarded to the respective SEP coordinators and not delay the review of your module mapping request.
  • Procedure on module mapping via mySIS can be referred to this URL link.
  • Ensure all information are accurate & filled up properly. 
  • You are not allowed to modify course information and should provide it as received from the source.
  • Do your part of diligence in reading the module description/syllabus and checking the similarity before you submit any mapping. Randomly submitting mappings will not lead to desired outcomes. 
  • Do not submit multiple mappings pertaining to the same module.
  • Email Partner University if you unable to find the module information online.
  • If you wish to map a module to a specific NUS module, please ensure that both modules are similar in content/contact hours before submitting. For example, trying to map Japanese 1 to French 1 is not going to work.
  • Please provide an English translation where applicable. Descriptions in other languages will not be approved.

During Submission

Mapping information before submitting your mapping request.

You may refer to this pre-approved list for your easy reference, do take note that information shared with you from your seniors does not mean that it is approved. 
You are required to obtain confirmation in mySIS. Do remember to input all information needed in the Module Mapping Worksheet.

Incomplete information given in the Module Mapping Worksheet will result in a delay for approval

Please note that from AY2018 onward, ES1531 Critical Thinking & Writing which is the pre-requisite of EG2401 Engineering Professionalism must be met for successful credits transfer of EG2401 read overseas.

Starting from AY2018/19, credits transfer to ES1531 Critical Thinking and Writing from modules read at our Partner Universities will NO longer be supported for exchange programmes.

Along with this new policy, please ensure the planning of your schedule of modules for mapping is updated; mapping requests for ES1531 will be declined.


ES1531 mapping requests from modules read at our Partner Universities in special terms of AY2017/18 will still be accepted.

Please read the HR2002 course outline and ensure substantial compatibility in terms of content and focus before submitting a request through myISIS.

• Please note that mapping for the following modules will not be approved:
EC1101E/ EC1301
All EC level-4000 modules

• Students should clear EC1301, EC2101, EC2102 and preferably EC2303 with a grade of “C” or higher before going on SEP as these are usually the prerequisites for level 3000 modules. (This is a requirement by the Economics department)
• Please also note that the Economics department will not accept any requests to map modules after a student has returned from their SEP.

• Student can also choose dummy codes if they are unsure. Dummy codes are identified by the 7 in the second digit.

For example, EC2741 will read as EC coded dummy module at L2000 (2) Dummy code (7) 4 MC module (4) first code in its sequence (1)

• All language related modules have to be mapped to a Center for Language Studies(CLS) specific code for their approval.

For example,

• Please note that the review will take about three weeks upon receipt of all required information.

• Please note that there is a block out period for review from Round 0 of CORS bidding to end of week 4 of each semester.

• For Business School modules, please map it to a specific Biz module as they do not issue dummy codes.

• For mapping to level 2000 and 3000 business modules, please email and attach your module mapping form with NUS unofficial transcript and documentary proof to show that you have met the pre-requisites (if any) of these higher level modules. Requests for mapping of modules that do not have their pre-requisites met will not be considered.

For mapping of Faculty of Law modules, please email Ms Sharon Poh with the answers to the questions below after you have submitted your mapping in mySIS. Approval will be done via mySIS.

  • How many credits is this course rated at in the host University and what is the equivalent to NUS credits?
  • How many host university credits does her/his home faculty at NUS require her/him to do in a semester at the host university?
  • Please provide more details on course description, syllabus, assessment, etc and the weblink in the form if not provided?
  • Which semester and AY is the student going or have gone for exchange?

For further details & instructions refer to this link.

To map module back as UEM type,

  • Please map to a relevant NUS module code.
    For example, the PU module you wish to read is a Science related module, please input FoS module code. FoS will do the necessary approval.
  • A dummy code will be issued by the approving authority for an approved module if there are no similar modules from NUS to be mapped to.
  • If you wish to submit requests for mapping to modules offered by your home department, please check with your home department directly for approval.

After Submission

  • Submitting a request at the last minute and pushing for the approval stating it’s urgency is not appreciated.
  • If you do not hear from the host department after 2 months time, please email Ms Sharon Poh with the message – “No results on mapping_NAME_MATRIC NO” together with a screenshot of your module mapping request for our attention.
  • No deadline for submitting mapping requests. Decisions made are final.
  • Ensure that mapping is approved before you register for the overseas module(s) if credit transfer is imperative otherwise you might run the risk of not being able to transfer any credits back if the mapping is not approved.
  • Do not have to seek approval for modules that you read for enrichment purposes only, i.e. you have no intention of transferring the credits back to NUS.
  • All modules taken overseas will be excluded from CAP computation should you wish to transfer the credits back to NUS. Please ensure that you do not violate the max. number of MCs allowed to be excluded from CAP when you do so.

Module Mapping (for NUS-facilitated programmes)