GEP Students’ Experience

GEP Students’ Experience

Student Exchange Programme, Internship & Summer Programme

GEP Student’s SEP University Choices

Below is the list of universities that GEP students have gone for exchange:

Click here for the list of universities that NUS have partnered with under the Student Exchange Programme.

Internship & Summer Programmes

Students who do not wish go for the Student Exchange Programme may seek for internship opportunities and summer programmes.

Below is the list of internships available for GEP students to take up:

  • SBF-NUS Global Internship & Mentorship (GIM) Programme – Click here for more information

Claiming for SEP & Summer Programme

The Request for Payment (RFP) Form can be downloaded here. This RFP form is to be duly completed and submitted with the following documents:

  1. A copy of the Letter of Approval and supporting documents from the overseas university where you had attended the summer programme or the university that you will be going for SEP.
  2. Eligibility for SEP allowances: GEP students who hold either GEP scholarship or NUS Scholarships (that do not provide for SEP allowances) may submit their application for the $5000 allowance two weeks before their departure overseas. Allowances by students going for 2 semesters overseas (e.g. to Imperial College London, Cambridge University and Oxford University) shall be disbursed as follows: The application for the 1st allowance (cap at $5000) shall be submitted two weeks before departure for SEP and the 2nd $5000 allowance application submitted in the second semester via email while students are overseas. For GEP students who hold other scholarships (that do not provide for SEP allowances) may similarly apply for the SEP allowances but the amount will be capped at $4000.
  3. Eligibility for Summer Programme claims: GEP students who hold either GEP scholarship or NUS Scholarships can be reimbursed up to $3000 upon producing original paid receipts (or supporting emails/documents) for course fees, accommodation, air tickets and visa fees. Meal expenses are not claimable. Claims will only be entertained if they are submitted within one month upon returning from summer programme. For GEP students who hold other scholarships may similarly apply for the summer programme allowances but the claimed amount will be capped at $2000. In your claim form, please provide a breakdown of the expenses. If the total amount exceeds your maximum eligible claim, please state the maximum claimable on the RFP form, e.g. $2000 (max claim). A printed copy of the foreign currency exchange rates at the time of transactions is to be obtained from the Yahoo portal. A copy of bank statement is required if transactions are made using credit cards.
  4. GEP students, who hold S & T scholarship, are not eligible for the abovementioned SEP and summer programme allowances.
  5. The aforementioned documents and original for claims are to be submitted to Mr Yong Tat Fah at the Global Engineering Programme Office, EA-06-10, Faculty of Engineering. Please note that incomplete or non-compliance to the above requirements may result in the delay or non-acceptance of your claims. All claims are subjected to availability of funds and approval by the Director of GEP. Please ensure that your credit bank account with myISIS is updated.

GEP Students’ Experience