Concurrent M.Sc. (Management)

Concurrent M.Sc. (Management)

Engineering students who are interested to pursue a higher degree in Business and Management may like to consider doing a Concurrent Master of Science (Management) Programme.

The NUS Master of Science (Management), M.Sc. (Management), consisting of 20 management and leadership modules drawn from the B.B.A., M.B.A. and M.Sc. (Management) curricula, is only available as a concurrent program for eligible current NUS undergraduates.  Students may gain this additional master’s degree generally with about one extra year’s coursework study and no research requirement.

Please refer to Concurrent M.Sc. (Management) Programme website at for information on programme structure and application details.

No M.Sc. (Management) module taken in NUS can be on the satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.

Degree Requirements BEng (Hons) prog.MSc (Mgt) prog.BEng (Hons) + MSc (Mgt) Programme
University level requirements Total 20 MCs--Total 12 MCs
GE requirements20 MCs20 MCs
Engineering Programme requirementsTotal 20 MCs--Total 106 MCs (16 MCs of common modules map to compulsory common engineering requirements & BEng discipline requirements)
Engineering Modules (Common Engineering modules, Discipline Core modules, Elective modules, Projects & FYP Thesis) 106 MCs
MSc (Mgt) Programme requirements Total 80 MCsTotal 64 MCs (16 MCs of common modules map to MSc (Mgt requirements))
Domain Knowledge Requirements40 MCs28 MCs comprising the following:
  • All of the following three modules
    • - FNA1002 Financial Accounting
    • - MKT1003 Principles of Marketing
    • - BSP1005 Managerial Economics
  • Any three of the Level 2000 modules (or equivalent modules) listed under the MSc Programme structure
  • One 2000-level module from any of the following areas*
  • Finance - FNA 3101 or FNA 3102
  • Management - MNO 3301 or MNO 3303
  • Marketing - MKT3402
  • Operations & Supply Chain - DSC3201or DSC 3203
* The area must be different from the one under which the 2000 level module taken by the student under common requirements falls
MSc requirements40 MCs36 MCs comprising the following
  • One 4000-level module from those listed in the MSc (Mgt) Programme structure.
  • Minimum eight (5000 level) MSc (Mgt) modules listed in the MSc (Mgt) Programme structure.
Common Modules Total 16 MCs Following two modules:
  • BSP 2005 (replaces the 3MC EG2401 Engineering Professionalism)
  • MNO 1001 Management and Organisation (replaces the 3MC HR2002 Human Capital in Organizations)
Two modules from Table C subject to the following conditions:
  • at least one 4000 level modules and
  • at least 1 each from the BEng & BBA module lists.
Unrestricted Elective Requirements
Unrestricted Electives Total 20 MCsExempted (MSc (Mgt) Programme requirements will count towards UEM)
Total Total 160 MCs (minimum requirements) Total 80 MCsTotal 198 MCs (minimum requirements)

If student would like to check out the timetable of previous semesters, they could visit

Degree Classification

The M.Sc. (Mgt) degree will be awarded to students who have

  • Earned at least a Second Class Lower division in the B.Eng.(Hons.) Programme and;
  • Maintained a CAP of 3.0 in the modules counting towards the M.Sc. (Mgt) requirement.

Students who fulfill the DKR requirement of M.Sc. (Mgt) Programme will be awarded a Minor in Business.


Mid-stream engineering students who are already enrolled in the Minor or Major in Management can apply for the Concurrent Master of Science (Management). School of Business will inform these students when the application is open.


Students can choose to leave the Concurrent Programme, or can be required to leave if they fail to meet requirements. For example, students who do not maintain a CAP of 3.5 in modules contributing to the B.Eng. (Hons) degree for any two consecutive semesters will be required to leave the Concurrent Degree Programme.

Students who choose to leave the Concurrent Programme are permitted to work for the B.Eng. (Hons) degree in NUS Engineering.  Common modules completed in the Concurrent Programme may be counted towards the fulfillment of the B.Eng. (Hons) degree requirements.

Further Enquiry

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Concurrent M.Sc. (Management)