Common Engineering (First Year)

Common Engineering (First Year)

Information For Common Engineering Students

In Common Engineering (First Year):

  • MA1505 Mathematics I
  • MA1512 Differential Equations for Engineering
  • MA1513 Linear Algebra with Differential Equations
  • GER1000 Quantitative Reasoning (GE 1)
  • GE in Thinking & Expression (GE 2)
  • CS1010E Programming Methodology (mapped to CE2409 for students who enter Civil/Environmental Engineering)
  • Engineering Principles and Practice I & II (EG1111 & EG1112)
  • Any of the following physics, engineering, and chemistry modules for entry into the various engineering programmes:
  • PC1431 Physics IE
  • PC1432 Physics IIE
  • CM1502 General and Physical Chemistry for Engineers

The table below shows the modules that Common Engineering students with H2 Physics or H2 Chemistry are required to qualify for entry application into the various Engineering programmes. For example, students with H2 Chemistry who plan to apply for Chemical Engineering or Environmental Engineering should read CM1502. CM1121 Organic Chemistry 1 cannot be mapped to CM1502 but is mappable to CM1501 Organic Chemistry for Engineers.

Students should carefully choose a combination of Physics, Chemistry and Engineering modules which would qualify them for entry into at least three Engineering programmes. Common Engineering students who have not read one or more of the required modules for an Engineering discipline of interest may still be considered for the various disciplines on a case by case basis.

Engineering ProgrammePhysics ModuleEngineering ModulesChemistry Modules
Biomedical PC1432--
Industrial & Systems---
Materials Science PC1432--

For common engineering students who have decided not to enter Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering programmes, they will be allowed to opt out of EG1111 & EG1112 and take EPPs from other programmes of their interest. They will also be allowed to take other Engineering Modules listed in Table 3 to satisfy the entry requirement of other engineering programmes. For students who have not decided on which engineering programmes to enter, they will be advised to take EG1111 & EG1112 to keep their options open.

Common Engineering (First Year)