Class / Module Timetables

Class / Module Timetables

Class/Module Timetables

Year One Modules (Semester 1 AY2018/2019)

1. To view your schedule, please click on the group below  (A, B, C, D)

Group A: Common Engineering(ENG) and Mechanical Engineering(ME)
Group B: Chemical Engineering(CHE) and Engineering Science Programme(ESP)
Group C: Electrical Engineering(EEE) and Computer Engineering(CEG)
Group D: Biomedical Engineering(BME), Civil Engineering(CVE), Environmental Engineering(EVE), Industrial & Systems Engineering(ISE) and Materials Science & Engineering(MSE).

2. To view the schedule for a particular module, you may refer to the above table. This is also where you can find the venues for your lessons.


*To Year 1 Engineering Freshmen: Office of Undergraduate Programs will pre-allocate the common modules (according to your department’s recommended schedule) to you in CORS, based on the class timetables on group A, B, C and D. If we encounter a timetable clash with a pre-allocated module, we will still pre-allocate the module to you with another lecture slot that does not clash with your timetable.

Module CodeModule TitleMCTimetable
MA1505Mathematics I4Lecture and Tutorial
MA1513Linear Algebra with Differential Equations2Lecture and Tutorial
MA1511Engineering Calculus2Lecture and Tutorial
MA1512Differential Equations for Engineering2Lecture and Tutorial
CS1010EProgramming Methodology4Lecture, Tutorial & Lab
PC1431Physics IE4Lecture, Tutorial & Lab
PC1432Physics IIE4Lecture, Tutorial & Lab
MA1301Introductory Mathematics4Lecture and Tutorial
PC1221Fundamentals of Physics I4Lecture, Tutorial & Lab
PC1222Fundamentals of Physics II4Lecture, Tutorial & Lab
ES1531 / GEK1549 / GET1021Critical Thinking and Writing 4Sectional Class
ES1103English for Academic Purposes4Sectional Class
EG1111Engineering Principles and Practice I6Lecture, Tutorial & Lab

Office of Undergraduate Programs reserve the rights to make changes when necessary and that the module offerings and timetable information are subject to revisions.
You are advised to check this website regularly for updates, especially in the period preceding CORS.


    • 26 July 2018

PC1431 lab grp 27 – 29 timetable amended. Date amended.

Amendment applies to Grp B/C/D. Grp B(ESP) – CS1010E lab changed. Grp C(EEE) – Amended Day for MA1301 lecture. Grp D(ISE) – CS1010E Tutorial & Lab changed. Grp D(CVE/EVE) – timetable amended.

    24 July 2018

Amended the day for PC1222 lecture session 1. Amended to Tuesday instead of Monday.

    23 July 2018

Recommended timetable for Group A, B, C & D has been uploaded.

Faculty Requirements Modules (Semester 1 AY2018/2019)

Module Code*Module TitleMCTimetable
EG2401Engineering Professionalism 3Lecture and Tutorial
HR2002Human Capital in Organizations3Lecture and Tutorial

EG2401 Engineering Professionalism

This module is a Faculty Requirement. Students have to pass this module in order to graduate.

The module is open for bidding via CORS for all Year 3 and Year 4 students. Please refer to the table below for the bidding rounds according to your course codes. Year 2 students may start bidding for this module from Round 2B onwards for the remaining vacancies.

Round 1A onwardsRound 2A onwardsRound 2B onwards
BIE3All Year 4 studentsAll Year 2 and above

Students may only view and bid for EG2401 in respective bidding rounds according to the bid plan above. Students who have successfully secured the module will ballot for their tutorial group via CORS during Tutorial Iteration 2.

Students on IA who wish to read this module, may bid for the evening lecture class (Group 2). Thereafter, they will be pre-allocated to an evening tutorial group. The evening tutorial groups* are not available for balloting for regular students.

HR2002 Human Capital in Organisations

This module is a Faculty Requirement for Cohort 2015 and before.

The following returning students who wish to read HR2002 have to bid for the module via CORS. Please refer to the table for the bidding rounds according to your course codes.

Round 1A onwards
All Year 3 & 4 Students

Students may only view and bid for HR2002 in respective bidding rounds according to the bid plan above. Students who have successfully secured the module will ballot for their tutorial group via CORS during Tutorial Iteration 2.

Timetable for Departmental Programmes

ULR Modules: Breadths, GEMs and SS


ULR modules include General Education Modules (GEM), Singapore Studies (SS) and Breadth modules (U9). These modules are available for bidding from Round 2A till Round 3B, with the exception of Serviced ULR modules, whereby Engineering students may start bidding from Round 1A.

Serviced ULR modules are specially “reserved” modules for engineering students. To allow you to have first priority for the below modules, the default module type codes have been set to so that you can start bidding from Round 1A. The module type codes will be changed back to their default module type code only after CORS has ended. (see flow chart)

The protection against other students from bidding for the below slots will end after Round 2A, thereafter all remaining quotas will be merged.

Please note that the “reserved modules” only applies to the modules listed below. Students admitted before AY2015/16 are not to select the new GE module codes (GEH/GER/GES/GET/GEQ)
If you wish to apply for other University Level Requirement (ULR) Modules, it will only be available at Round 2A onwards. Points will be deducted from student’s General Account.


Serviced ULR modules will be available for bidding to students admitted from AY2015 as Unrestricted Elective (27) from Round 1C onwards (students cannot bid for SSA22xx, instead please bid for its cross-listed module codes GESxxxx to satisfy the Singapore Studies pillar of General Education requirement using General Account).

Serviced University Level Requirement (ULR) modules (Semester 1, AY2017/2018)
Module CodeModule TitleFacultyModule Type Code
ACC1002X Financial AccountingBusinessBreadth (U9) / Unrestricted Elective (27)
BSP1004XLegal Environment Of BusinessBusinessBreadth (U9) / Unrestricted Elective (27)
DSC1007XBusiness Analytics - Models & Decisions BusinessBreadth (U9) / Unrestricted Elective (27)
MKT1003XPrinciples Of MarketingBusinessBreadth (U9) / Unrestricted Elective (27)
MNO1001XManagement And OrganisationBusinessBreadth (U9) / Unrestricted Elective (27)
MNO3301Organisational BehaviourBusinessBreadth (U9) / Unrestricted Elective (27)
PC1431Physics IEScienceBreadth (U9) / Unrestricted Elective (27)
PC1432Physics IIE ScienceBreadth (U9) / Unrestricted Elective (27)
EC1301Principles of EconomicsArtsBreadth (U9) / Unrestricted Elective (27)
SC1101EMaking Sense of SocietyArtsBreadth (U9) / Unrestricted Elective (27)
SSA2211The Evolution of a Global City-State ArtsSingapore Studies (S9)

Engineering students who fail to secure ULR modules during the CORS bidding exercise should only submit their appeals for ULR modules via CORS Appeal Form after Round 3B ends (i.e. 14 Aug 2018, 2301hrs onwards).  Please submit your appeals in the following Appeal Type:

  • For Non-graduating Students: “Unable to secure module (Only available after bidding round 3B ends)
  • For Graduating Students: “Unable to secure module for graduation this semester (Only available after bidding round 3B ends)

Appeals filed before Round 3B will NOT be considered. For ULR modules offered/hosted by other Faculties/Departments, please DO NOT approach these host Faculties/Departments or the module lecturers as we (NUS Engineering) as your home Faculty will collate all appeals and submit them to host faculty/departments for their consideration.   All appeals must be filed via CORS latest by  14 Aug 2018.

Students are required to state a brief explanation for appealing to read these modules. Please provide at least 3 other alternative modules and the desired lecture groups in order of priorities. The set of modules should be a combination of modules offered by various faculties/schools.


This is my last semester and need 1 GEM in order to graduate. I wish to appeal for:

1. GEK1000, Lecture Grp 2; or
2. GEM2000, Lecture Grp 1; or
3. GEM3000, Lecture Grp 4

Note: In view of the large volume of appeals faculties/schools will be processing, please allow a few working days before home faculty notify students on their appeal outcomes via the NUS email.

Please note that approval is 100% subjected to host faculty/dept. Students are reminded to clear their NUS email mailboxes regularly so as not to miss any important notices.


For graduating students from AY2003 intake and before, it is your responsibility to check if you have fulfilled at least 28 MCs of ULR requirements (at least 2 GEMs, one of which must be from Group B, 1 SS and at least 2 Breadths) and at least 12 MCs of UEM requirements. You may verify the modules done at the Online Degree Requirement Check (DRC) and at the FFG Checklist provided by your department (please check with your department if necessary).

Any SHORTAGE of MCs less than the stipulated MCs will render students UNABLE to graduate. Students have to check carefully and thoroughly during the CORS period, and if need be, CONVERT their ULR Breadth to UEM, etc. (via ‘Module Declaration’ function at DRC) to fulfil their graduation requirements. You will NEED to do another check after you have successfully bidded for modules via CORS.

Please refer to MODULE DECLARATION for information on module conversion.

Class / Module Timetables