Internship Participation

Internship Participation

It is our hope that students will receive a meaningful engineering experience by the end of the industrial attachment. For the attachment to be effective, it is important that besides honing engineering technical skills, students should also be exposed to some, if not all, of the following:

  • Human Relations – working with professionals in a corporate environment
  • Computer Applications – using technology as an aid in planning, designing and analysis of engineering projects
  • Cost Implications – awareness of cost effectiveness in engineering proposals/designs
  • Safety Measures – awareness of importance of industrial safety
  • Quality Control – awareness of quality in the work performed
  • Productivity – awareness of measures taken to improve the productivity at the workplace
  • Marketing – awareness of methods of product promotion

Placement Timeline to note

Internship ActivityVacation Internship Programme (VIP)
Minimum 12 weeks
Industrial Attachment (IA) Programme
Minimum 20 weeks (from July 2019 onwards)
Internship duration14 May to 3 Aug 2018
(12 weeks)

13 May to 2 Aug 2018
(12 weeks)
14 Jan to 28 Jun 2019
(24 weeks)

15 July to 29 Nov 2019
(20 weeks)
Employer internship submission period13 May to 2 Aug 2019 cycle
(Opened from 3 Jan till 29 Mar 2019)
14 Jan to 28 June 2019 cycle
(Closed on 1 Nov for employer submission)

15 July to 29 Nov 2019 cycle
(Opened from 3 Jan till 29 Mar 2019)
All internship postings will be reviewed by department professors before they are made available for student applications.
Students begin making internship applicationsJan 2019Jan 2019-

Internship Posting & Company Registration

To facilitate a single system login, we have embarked onto the NUS TalentConnect portal hosted by the NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates (previously known as the NUS Career Centre). The TalentConnect portal is the same friendly NUS job portal that you have been using to reach out to students across all NUS faculties!

IA posting procedures

Step 1: Login to the NUS TalentConnect portal at

Step 2: Click on the “Create job Posting” on the right column.

Step 3: Under position type, select “Engineering Internships” follow by selecting “Yes” to enter into the selection of engineering internship programmes.

Step 4: Under internship programme, select either “Engineering Industrial Attachment (15 July – 29 Nov 2019)”. If you have IA positions that are suitable for research, please select “Engineering Internship (Research pathway) (15 July – 29 Nov 2019)” instead.

Step 5:  Enter the internship/project title and other required information as well as your preferred way of receiving students resumes. Please note to select either “Email” or “Accumulate Onlineor both for the method in receiving students’ applications. This is to ensure IA placement will be recognized and recorded.

Step 6: Upon approval by the department professors, all approved IA postings will carry a 1 month posting duration (i.e. 6 Feb to 5 Mar). The system will remind you via email nearing to the expiry of your postings and you can choose to extend them for another month if they are still available for student application.


Important note to employers

(1) If you have not obtained the complimentary account to the NUS TalentConnect portal, please proceed to register your company via Sign-up.

(2) As the Vacation Internship Programme (VIP) and the Industrial Attachment (IA) programme are credit bearing modules, students will have to apply and accept through the NUS TalentConnect portal. In the case where you would like to record students application through your company recruitment system, you can direct students to do so AFTER you have offered and they have accepted these offers via our NUS TalentConnect portal.

(3) Steps in offering students in the NUS TalentConnect portal:

Step 1: Log in to your NUS TalentConnect account.

Step 2: At the left menu, click ‘Jobs & Internships Management‘.

Step 3: Click ‘Job/ Internship Postings‘.

Step 4: Click on the job/ internship record.

Step 5: Click ‘Student Resumes‘.Under each student record, select “Accepted” under the employer status column

Step 6: Rank and make an offer to student

Roles & Responsibilities

A member of the Faculty of Engineering will serve as the main contact point for employers, in liaising on the student’s internship for continual assessment and in ensuring a mutually rewarding internship experience. Students are required to submit to the Faculty progress reports describing their internship responsibilities, contributions, and learning outcomes and undergo oral presentations and assessments with their internship mentor and workplace supervisor.

Administrative Information

Work Hours & Internship Allowance

– Students will follow the official working hours of the internship host organisation.

– The recommended monthly allowance for BEng students is SGD1,000. As a guide, industries are providing an allowance in the range of SGD800 to SGD1500 monthly.

– CPF contributions are exempted for employers with respect to the students (via Government Gazette Subsidiary Legislation Supplement No.28 dated 1 June 1973). As such, the issuance of internship support letter is optional.


Evening Classes & Study leave

– Students may wish to take evening modules while on Industrial Attachment (not applicable to the 3 months Vacation Internship Programme).

– The modules are typically conducted on-campus from 6pm onwards. Employers supporting the evening modules during the internship period are requested to permit students to leave work earlier for the classes as well as grant examination leave for mandatory examinations.


National Service & In-Camp Training

– NSmen called up for In‐camp Training (ICT) during their reservist periods are to fulfil the national obligation.

– Deferment on the grounds of academic commitments will not be granted. The faculty does not require the student to
compensate for the number of days at the ICT for up to three (3) weeks of ICT and will not provide support letter for

– Employers are encouraged to release students to serve their national obligation. Should the internship project requires
students (interns) to make up for the time away for ICT, employers can discuss with students (interns) on extending their
internship period to make‐up for the ICT days.

– Students are to submit the ICT notice to the company as early as when the notice is issued by MINDEF.



– All full-time matriculated students of NUS subscribe to a compulsory Insurance Scheme as part of the student’s miscellaneous fees.

– Employers are recommended to purchase additional insurance with a higher coverage for high risk work environment or activities that that are excluded under NUS’s policy as well as covering interns under their organisation’s insurance schemes such as medical or workmen’s compensation.


Employment Pass

– Employment pass is not required for International students who are registered for the for-credit internship under EG3611A Industrial Attachment and EG3612 Vacation Internship Programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my internship postings be approved?

Due to the high volume of internship postings to be approved, all post will be reviewed at the end of each month. For example, if you were to post an internship opportunity on 1 Feb, it would be reviewed at the last week of Feb. Upon approval, you will receive an email notification from us.

How can I extend my post after a month’s time?

You can extend each posting by indicating a new end date in the NUS TalentConnect portal without having to re-enter the posting details.

Why am I receiving error messages to login to the Industrial Attachment (IA) portal?

Please be informed that we have transited to the NUS TalentConnect Portal for companies to post their internship opportunities. This is to convenient employers who are hiring students and alumni across NUS faculties through using one single login. Do visit the NUS TalentConnect portal to select select “FOE Internship Programme” and enter the internship/project title and other required information as well as your preferred way of receiving students resumes. If you have not obtained the complimentary account to the NUS TalentConnect portal, please proceed to register your company via the sign up page.

Can I direct students to my company portal to apply for IA and VIP instead of using the NUS TalentConnect portal?

Thank you for your interest in engaging our engineering student and providing them with these learning opportunities. We would like to encourage you to proceed with registering and postings these internship opportunities in the NUS TalentConnect portal. As Industrial Attachment (IA) programme is a credit bearing module, students will have to apply and accept through our system to be recognized by the faculty.

Can I post all internship roles under a single posting?

Unlike job postings, each internship post will be reviewed and approved individually by academics to ensure the internship/project scope fulfills the curriculum requirements. Students will also have to apply to specific post to enroll themselves into an approved internship placement through the NUS TalentConnect portal. 

How do I contact and offer the students?

Please contact the students directly for interviews and selection. However, do remember to provide your offers through the NUS TalentConnect portal as students will have to apply and accept their offers through the NUS TalentConnect portal to be recognized by the faculty.

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Internship Participation