Electrical & Computer Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Who has generated most of the technologies in the modern world? Who has enabled all your gadgets to work so amazingly? Electrical and computer engineers, of course! We drive innovations.

Electrical & Computer Engineering provides the intelligent technology platforms needed to address global challenges, such as an ageing population, healthcare, mobility and energy sustainability. We offer two undergraduate programmes: Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering), and Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering). The Computer Engineering programme is jointly hosted by NUS Engineering’s Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and NUS School of Computing’s Department of Computer Science.

Both programmes place strong emphasis on understanding engineering principles through exposure to hands-on learning and discovery. They offer a high degree of flexibility in specialisation, supplemented with special programmes that promote design, student innovation, enterprise and leadership, and are supported by faculty members with strong research expertise and laboratory work experience.

Our graduates are sought after across all economic sectors and fields, such as chemical, petroleum, medical, aerospace, construction and financial industries. Some graduates have even distinguished themselves as entrepreneurs.

Specialisation options include:

• Communications & Networks
• Embedded Computing
• Large-Scale Computing
• Intelligent Systems
• Interactive Digital Media
• System-on-a-Chip Design

• Communications & Networks
• Control, Intelligent Systems & Robotics
• Integrated Circuits & Embedded Systems
• Microelectronic Technologies & Devices
• Microwave & RF
• Power & Energy Systems
• Signal Analysis & Machine Intelligence

Electrical & Computer Engineering