University Level Requirements

University Level Requirements

University Level Requirements comprise General Education (GE) which aims to connect disciplinary knowledge and perspectives with the skills needed for lifelong learning beyond the university.

General Education

The GE curriculum consists of modules that cut across the wide range of disciplines that a comprehensive university offers. It encourages students to explore disciplinary practices and thinking in the humanities, social sciences, sciences and engineering sciences. The GE curriculum also engages all students in discussions about the social, cultural, scientific, and historical topics that will, at the same time, lay the foundations for important life skills such as critical thinking, communication, and reasoning. In a nutshell, the NUS GE curriculum aspires to inculcate the habits or qualities of mind that define a successful graduate.

Students admitted from AY2015/16 onwards are required to read one General Education (GE) Module from each of the five pillars (total: 20 Modular Credits/MCs) to satisfy the University Level Requirements for General Education.

GE consists of five pillars:

  • Quantitative Reasoning (more information on this pillar can be found at this link)
  • Thinking and Expression
  • Asking Questions
  • Human Cultures
  • Singapore Studies

Students are encouraged to complete the GE modules within the first two years of their candidature. Students may refer to for further details concerning GE modules.

The 20 MCs of the University Level Requirements (ULR) consist of:

  • Two General Education Modules (GEMs)
  • One Singapore Studies (SS) Module
  • Two Breadth Modules (outside student’s Faculty)

General Education Modules

General Education (GE) in NUS aims to empower undergraduates to critically evaluate what is presented to them as knowledge, and to engage in inquiry as well as discovering and constructing knowledge on their own. It is one of the main components in the NUS curriculum that encourages broad-based learning. GE modules fall into two main Subject Groups as follows:

  • Group A – Science & Technology
  • Group B – Humanities & Social Sciences

Engineering students must read at least one GE module from Group B (the Humanities & Social Sciences group). Additional GE modules (beyond the required two modules) will count as Breadth or Unrestricted Electives. The list of GE modules offered in the current semester can also be found in the CORS Module Information page.

General Education Modules (GE) are different from other modules in two respects. First, they are general because they aim at those aspects of knowledge and abilities that we expect of educated individuals in general, not the knowledge and abilities that are required in the specialisation in a particular discipline or profession. Second, they seek to inculcate higher order qualities of the mind and intellect that make a person educated, as opposed to practical know – how and abilities that might be useful in one’s daily life or to contribute to success in one’s career. Students may refer to for further details concerning GE modules.

Singapore Studies Modules

Students are required to take one module from a list of Singapore Studies (SS) Modules. SS modules heighten awareness and knowledge in history, politics, economics, law and urban environment of Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Breadth Modules (outside Student’s Faculty)

The Breadth Modules under ULR enable students to pursue topics beyond their field of specialization by reading subjects outside their faculty. Students are strongly encouraged to consider Breadth modules which will prepare them for their future roles as engineer – leaders. Students also should refer to their respective Departments for recommended breadth modules. Such modules from other Faculties can also be read as Unrestricted Electives.

University Level Requirements