Faculty Requirements

Faculty Requirements

Critical Thinking, Writing & Communications

Engineering students are required to read a Critical Thinking & Writing (CTW) module and Communicating Engineering (ES2331) offered by the Centre for English Language Communication (CELC). Please click here to see the pre-requisites for CTW. Good performance in the compulsory CTW and Communication modules is an indicator of ability of students to communicate well and so would be an important factor when selecting students for special programmes including the Student Exchange Programme.

Engineering students can also read a single module, ES1501X Academic Expository Writing (ES1501A, ES1501B etc.) in place of CTW and ES2331. ES1501X’s content-specific nature allows a contextualised platform to hone argumentation skills required in academic expository writing.

Engineering students who complete the requirements of the University Scholars Programme (USP) and the University Town (UTown) Residential Program need not read CTW & ES2331. This applies to students of cohort 2014 and before. Computer Engineering students would read another set of writing and communications modules (please see here for more details).

The faculty requirements for the Cohorts 2013 to 2016 are listed below.

Cohort 2016Cohort 2015Cohort 2014Cohort 2013 & Before
ES1531 CTW*GET1021 CTW*GEK1549 CTW*ES1531 CTW*
ES2331ES2331ES2331ES2331 (not applicable to students in cohort 2011 & before)

*CTW – Critical Thinking & Writing

Important Points to note:

Students who do not meet the minimum grade for GP are to sit for the Qualifying English Test (QET). Please see here for details. The banding system for the QET is as follows:

  • Band 3

    Students are not required to read and pass ES1000 & ES1103 and are eligible to read CTW.

  • Band 2

    Students are required to read and pass ES1103 before they are eligible to read CTW.

  • Band 1

    Students are required to read and pass ES1000 first before they are allowed to read ES1103 and finally CTW.

Faculty Requirements