Do you know engineering is the only career in which you look at the world’s problems and work out practical ways to solve them? Modern challenges of urban living, ageing society and climate change require good technology that uses fewer materials and less energy. Engineers use the principles of mathematics and science to come up with useful products or ways of doing things to make our lives better.

Career Prospects

Your practical skills in designing, making and overall problem-solving are versatile and may be transferred to many fields; e.g. communications, information, transport, energy, water, food, infrastructure, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, technical consulting, management, finance, intellectual property and patent law, research, education, technopreneurship.

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Why NUS Engineering?

According to MIT, NUS is among the world’s top 10 leaders in engineering education! What makes our programmes special?

  • Future-Ready Curricula: digitalisation is fast transforming engineering practice – our bold educational initiatives ensure you have the right knowledge and skills to thrive in the jobs of tomorrow.
  • Differentiated Pathways: your engineering skills and knowledge are highly versatile, opening up a myriad of opportunities in industry, research or enterprise. Prepare for the career that best suits your strengths, interest and aspirations.
  • Global Exposure: NUS has the largest number of partnerships for international student exchanges, including being the only university in the world to have exchanges for engineering students with both Oxford and Cambridge. Furthermore, the unique NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) offer an unparalleled experience working and studying in some of the most dynamic and vibrant start-up locations around the world.

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