Research Mentorship

Research Mentorship

What is SRP?

The Science Research Programme (SRP) is a mentorship programme started in 1988 by NUS Faculty of Science in collaboration with the Gifted Education Branch of the Ministry of Education. Today, it has expanded considerably, involving other faculties, research institutes and government agencies.  NUS Engineering has been offering numerous Engineering projects to kindle and nurture interest of JC and IP students.

Engineering Categories


Projects include design of system or component of a system to perform a certain function to desired specifications – for example, robotics.


Projects include development of models of systems or components to perform certain functions. The models will be verified and tested for operating conditions – for example, use of computer software.


Projects will involve formulation and design of experiments to verify/test/characterise a system or component and to validate its function – for example, study on molecular engineering.

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For more information on the application process and the programme description, please visit: NUS, Faculty of Science

Research Mentorship