Industry Thought-leaders Lecture Series

Industry Thought-leaders Lecture Series

The NUS Engineering’s Industry Thought-Leaders Lecture Series aims to catalyse discussion and developments in engineering innovation & translation through the sharing of ideas and experiences by industry leaders in technology. Speakers will paint a vision of future of the industry or sector through discussion on current & future application of technology. Sharing their unique perspectives from their own experiences in the enterprises they lead or have led, it is hoped that speakers can inspire attendees of the potential engineering and the translation of technology has to benefit society and to change the world.


Shaping the Future through Materials Innovations

6.30 – 7.30pm, Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Town Plaza Auditorium, U-Town. NUS

Materials Engineering – The ability to manipulate matter at the atomic level – has been driving innovations in the semiconductor industry to make possible mega trends of Artificial intelligence and Big data.  At Applied Materials, with our unmatched breadth of materials engineering expertise, we focus on developing innovative technology solutions at an atomic-level on an industrial scale.

This presentation will discuss how materials engineering innovations are fundamental to enabling new technological advances in semiconductors through new materials, device structures and process, as well as discuss opportunities where materials engineering can enable inflections that shape our future.


Shaping the Future through Materials Innovations

18 April 2018
7.00 - 8.00 pm
NUS Engineering Auditorium

Admission is free.
Dinner will be served from 6.15pm

Dr. Prabu Raja

Sr. Vice President and Fellow, Semiconductor Products,
Applied Materials, Inc.

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Industry Thought-leaders Lecture Series