FAQ for research programmes

FAQ for research programmes

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) applies to M.Eng/Eng.D/P.hD by research applicants only. If you are a M.Sc. by coursework applicant, please refer to the Coursework FAQ section.

A candidate is normally admitted at the beginning of each semester of the academic year i.e. at either August (Semester 1) or January (Semester 2). Please refer to our “Application period” section on our website.

For regular MEng/PhD, please refer to our “How to apply” section in our website.

For MEng (IPP)/ PhD (IPP)/EngD, application forms are obtainable from the Department upon request. Candidates must have confirmed sponsoring companies, and at least one academic supervisor, before initiating the application.

The Joint PhD programmes are in partnership with an institution. They are suited for students who pursue their studies on full-time basis and students spend a specific duration at their respective partner institution. Applicants are to indicate their choice of the Joint PhD programme in the online Graduate Admission System.  The Department, which they apply to, will then assess for their suitability for the joint PhD programme.

Printed applications forms are no longer available.  Please refer to our “How to apply” section in our website.

For MEng/EngD/PhD applicants, please refer to our “English Language Requirements” section of our website.

We do not accept printout/screenshot of the TOEFL/IELTS score taken from the test website.

Applicants are to :

  1. upload a copy online and produce the original TOEFL/IELTS/GRE scoresheets during matriculation; or
  2. upload a copy online and request Educational Testing Services (ETS) or testing institutes to send original TOEFL /IELTS/ GRE scores to NUS. (Scores should be sent to the Department in which the applicant is interested in pursuing his/her research.  Institution code of NUS is 0677 [for GRE] and 9084 [for TOEFL] and with specific department code).

Yes. MEng and PhD applicants have to submit referee reports which referees will submit online. Please indicate their email contacts accurately when associating the referees with the application. There is no need for hard copy letters.

Kindly request your referee to check his junk mail or spambox.  If your referees did not receive our notification or has missed the deadline, please write to us at engpgrsh@nus.edu.sg, and state your referee’s name, email address and provide your application number.

Shortlisted applicants may be required to undergo a written test and/or an interview to assess their suitability for University study and/or award of scholarship.  The usual periods of such interviews/tests will be in March for the August intake and in September for the January intake.  Only shortlisted applicants will expect the notification of the interview from the Department.

For MEng/PhD applicants, you may select “NUS Research Scholarship” in the online application system, under ‘Source of Finance’ field.  Priority for the competitive NUS Research Scholarship will be given to applicants for the full-time PhD programme.  If you have done well for your Bachelors/Masters, you are strongly encouraged to apply to the PhD programme.

Click here for more details on the NUS research scholarship.

Click here for more information on other scholarships and financial assistance.

The NUS Research Scholarship is initially awarded for one year.  It may be renewed, subject to the scholar’s satisfactory progress (in academic and research).  The maximum period of a scholarship is normally four years for PhD candidates.

PhD scholars will receive additional PhD top-up upon passing the PhD Qualifying Examination.  The PhD top-up will expire at whichever of the following dates is earliest:

– At the end of the fourth year of the graduate candidature; or

– At the expiry of the Research Scholarship.

For MEng and PhD applicants, if your University does not have such a practice, you may attach these with your main application to be couriered to us.  Note the documents must be original official documents or certified true copy.  These should reach us in its original sealed envelope with its flap bearing the University security seal and signature of an authorized person.

Please submit copies of your latest  transcript or your semester result slips while we await the originals from your University.

The original / certified true copy of the transcript for candidates with qualifications other than those from NUS are to reach the Department Office by the application closing date. This must be sent DIRECTLY from the issuing University to NUS, enclosed in an official SEALED envelope with its flap bearing the security seal of the University and the signature of the Registrar or representative.  Applications will not be considered if the documents are not received.

Yes, you can.  Please indicate your order of preference.  There is no limit to the number of applications you may apply to. An application number will be assigned to you when you create a new online application.  If you are successful in more than one application, you can choose only one programme to register with.

You may make changes online while it is in “Draft” stage.  Once you have clicked “Submit”, you will not be able to make changes.  You would have to contact the Department Office  for  the proposed changes.

Please refer to our “Application Fee” section on our website.

Please refer to our “Application period” section in our website.

You will not be able to submit your application online after the system closes.  Late applications will not be processed and NO extensions of deadline will be granted.

Please refer to our “Application status” section in our website.

Please refer to our “Application status” section of our website.

For MEng/EngD/PhD, deferment of admission is not encouraged.  You are advised to apply only when you are ready.  Should an unforeseen situation arise that requires you to defer your admission, you may forward your request, with reasons, to the Department for their consideration.

Please refer to http://www.nus.edu.sg/registrar/events/registration/information-for-international-students.html for information on Student Pass matters,  Accommodation and Pre-Departure Information and Orientation Briefing. More information will also be provided to you in our offer email.

Please send us your enquiries through our “Enquiry” section of our website.