Credit Transfer for Research programmes

Credit Transfer for Research programmes

This section only applies to applicants who intends to transfer credits to their new M.Eng./Eng.D/P.hD. by research programmes :

Transfer of modular credits with grades

Upon matriculation, students may apply for transfer of modular credit and grades if they have completed relevant graduate module(s) from a previous graduate programme (M.Sc/M.Eng.) or undergraduate programme (B.Eng./B.Tech.) in NUS. This may be counted towards partial or even complete fulfilment of the coursework requirement of the new M.Eng./Ph.D/Eng.D programme. However, such requests are subject to case-by-case consideration.

Requested modules must be relevant to current research area and taken within 5 years from registration of the current programme of study. The modules that are approved for transfer of modular credit and grades will be calculated in the CAP of the student’s current degree. Please note that Departments may impose a minimum grade for transfer of modules.

Department and Faculty reserves the right to request students to take certain modules in fulfilment of the coursework requirement.

For graduates of the NUS (B.Eng. or B.Tech.) degree
NUS B.Eng. or B.Tech. degree holders may apply for a transfer of modular credits of a mix of either (i) module(s) counted towards their Bachelors or (ii) approved pre-taken module(s) not counted towards their B.Eng taken during their undergraduate candidature to their current graduate studies in NUS. These module(s) should be graduate modules which the student’s Department allows to be counted towards the graduate degree being pursued.

Click here for more information on pre-taken modules (e.g. on what to do before pre-taking modules). You may wish to consult the Department that you will be pursuing your new graduate research programme on their coursework requirements, before pre-taking module(s).

How do I make the request?
A request must be made in writing to NUS Engineering Office of Graduate Programmes (OGP) through your supervisor(s) and Head of Department by the end of the 2nd Instructional week of the first semester of the new candidature. The written request is to be accompanied by a copy of the academic transcript of records indicating the module(s) and grade(s) for credit transfer.