Pretaken Modules

Pretaken Modules

Pre-taken modules

NUS B.Eng degree holders may apply for a transfer of modular credits of approved pre-taken modules taken during their undergraduate candidature to their current graduate studies in NUS. These pre-taken module(s) should be graduate modules which the student’s Department allows to be counted towards the graduate degree being pursued and declared not to be included in their Bachelor’s degree CAP computation during their undergraduate study.

Modules that are pre-taken should have been taken less than 5 years prior to admission into the current programme and must not have been counted towards their Bachelor’s degree requirements. An application for transfer of credits must be made in writing to NUS Engineering Office of Graduate Programmes (OGP) within the first two instructional weeks of the semester upon enrolment into their new candidature. The written request should be accompanied by a copy of the Bachelor degree academic transcript of records indicating the pre-taken module(s) for credit transfer.

Upon approval, the pre-taken modules and grades will be transferred to the student’s graduate programme of study and will be included in the student’s Cumulative Average Point (CAP) computation.

These are modules, generally 5000 and 6000 level modules taken during NUS B.Eng. candidature, declared not to be computed as requirements for B.Eng. degree but for a subsequent NUS Engineering graduate degree (can be either for a M.Sc. coursework or research programme (i.e. M.Eng. or PhD)).

In other words, the NUS B.Eng student takes a module during his B.Eng. prior to gaining admission to a NUS Engineering Graduate Programme. The student needs to ascertain that the pre-taken module is relevant to the specific graduate engineering degree(s) for which he intends to gain admission to. In addition, he has to ensure that he is able to meet the admission requirements of the programme of study subsequently.

No. Students must still apply for their graduate programmes during the usual application period and are considered along with other applicants for the admission. There is no advantage in terms of gaining admission.

The main advantage is, it expedites the completion of their graduate study (be it Ph.D. or M.Eng. or M.Sc.). In addition, students can also get some feel of graduate study and its modules before actually registering for their graduate programme of interest.

Assuming the student pre-takes five modules and all are approved for transfer to his graduate programme of study then, he has the following options:

  • BEng + can complete `{`1 semester of full-time MSc study instead of 1 to 1½ yr`}`

  • BEng + can complete `{`1 year of part-time MSc study instead of 2 or 2½ yrs`}`

Students can pre-take modules during their B.Eng candidature as long as they fulfill the necessary pre-requisite(s) for the module to be taken. Since the validity period of the pre-taken modules is five years, the students can save these for transfer to the graduate degree (PhD, M.Eng., or M.Sc.) later when they register for their graduate programme of study.

Moreover, since he is reading his B.Eng, he could continue his momentum of studying by pre-taking the relevant modules.

A maximum five pre-taken modules (for a subsequent NUS Engineering graduate degree) is allowed for an undergraduate’s entire B.Eng candidature. However, they must be relevant and valid for the intended graduate degree.

The pre-taken module(s) must be of relevance for the intended graduate degree (for it to be counted for a M.Sc, M.Eng. or Ph.D. degree regardless of whether student intend to pursue the graduate degree on a full-time or part-time basis).

Particularly, if the student is interested to pursue a research degree of M.Eng. or Ph.D. or M.Sc. and intend to use their pre-taken modules to count towards fulfilling the requirements, they should consult the Department’s (which they intend to gain admission to) Programme Manager on the matter of relevance of the modules they are pre-taking. It is important to ascertain that their plans to pre-take the modules eventually can fit in and count towards the requirements, especially for a subsequent research degree. This is so because graduate students have different backgrounds and shall be working on different areas of research. Pre-taken modules which are not relevant to the area of research will not be accepted for counting towards the requirements of the graduate degree.

The pre-taken modules are generally expected to be 5000 level or 6000 level modules.

Seminar modules cannot be pre-taken.

The validity of period for these pre-taken modules to be considered for inclusion for graduate degree is five years upon taking the module. If a student takes the pre-taken module in Semester I, 2014/15, then the module’s validity period to be counted is not later than Semester 2, 2018/19. In other words, he must be a graduate engineering student by Semester 2, 2018/19 for the modules to be valid for transfer for his graduate degree. However, do apply for your graduate study earlier as some candidates may fail to gain admission during their first attempt of application (e.g. supervisor may be unable to supervise any more students or scholarships are not available etc)

  • Plan when you want to pursue your graduate study and which graduate programme you want to pursue (to satisfy validity period);

  • approach the Department which you wish to gain admission to, for your graduate study to ascertain which modules are relevant (to satisfy programme requirements)

  • ensure that you are able to cope with taking the additional pre-taken module(s) so that it is not taken at your expense of your performance for your BEng qualification;

  • declare at the appropriate period that you are pre-taking the modules so that these are not computed as your B.Eng. requirements and in your CAP;

    • for graduate modules (level 5000 and 6000), Registrar’s Office sends a notice on declaration of graduate modules typically during Week 6 of each academic year. Remember to make your declaration then; please approach your Department Office for this purpose as the administrative process is done separately.Deadline to apply is the same as module withdrawal.
  • successfully gain admission to your graduate programme of study before your pre-taken modules validity period expire;

  • request for transfer of your pre-taken modules (write to your department) during your first semester of your graduate programme of study.

All approved pre-taken modules are transferred to your graduate programme of study. The approved pre-taken modules are reflected together with your grade and grade point. These are all computed into the CAP of their graduate programme of study.