NUS Engineering Graduate Programmes are based on a modular system. Under this system, workloads are expressed in terms of Modular Credits (MCs), and academic performance is measured by grade points on a 5-point scale.

To help you plan and map out your academic journey, the NUS Bulletin serves to guide you as you explore options and pathways. This bulletin contains essential information on modules, your programme of study and its graduating requirements.

Information on the modules available for each semester and the class time-table is obtainable from the respective departments. In general, successful applicants will receive information on the class timetable and other details from the DEPARTMENT two weeks before the commencement of the semester. Students are to register for their modules online for each semester not later than the second week of commencement of each semester. For more details, do contact the respective departments after completing the registration formalities with us.

Waiver, exemption or transfer of modular credits

In general, modules already used to obtain one degree cannot be used to count towards another degree.

Applicants who are the former M.Sc. students who withdrew from their course of study and who wish to be considered for exemption of module(s) in their new M.Sc./PhD/Eng.D/M.Eng. candidature must apply in writing through their respective Department’s Office after they gain successful admission to their new M.Sc. programme. These modules should have been completed within five years prior to admission into the M.Sc. programme.

Applicants who meet the minimum requirements of an average of 55% in Grad. Cert. in IP Law will automatically be exempted from the GCIP modules upon successful admission to the M.Sc. (IP Mgt) α programme. *(subjected to further changes)

Pre-taken modules

NUS B.Eng or B.Tech degree holders may apply for a transfer of modular credits of approved pre-taken* modules taken during their undergraduate candidature to their current graduate studies in NUS. These pre-taken module(s) should be graduate modules and/or level 4000 modules which the student’s Department allows to be counted towards the graduate degree being pursued.

Modules that are pre-taken should have been taken less than 5 years prior to admission into the current programme and must not have been counted towards their Bachelor’s degree requirements. An application for transfer of credits must be made in writing to NUS Engineering Office of Graduate Programmes (OGP) within the first month of graduate candidature. The written request should be accompanied by a copy of the Bachelor degree academic transcript of records indicating the pre-taken module(s) for credit transfer.

Upon approval, the pre-taken modules and grades will be transferred to the student’s graduate programme of study and will be included in the student’s Cumulative Average Point (CAP) computation.

Click here for more information (e.g. on what to do before pre-taking modules).

* pre-taken modules are modules taken during by NUS undergraduates (typically from B.Eng or B.Tech degrees) which have not been included in their Bachelor’s degree CAP computation.