FAQ for Graduate Studies

FAQ for Graduate Studies

General FAQ

Graduate students are admitted to either a coursework or research programme . The Master of Science (MSc) degree programmes are offered under the coursework structure.  The PhD, EngD and MEng degrees are research-based programmes.

The Master of Science (MSc) programmes involve the attendance of formal classes conducted in the evenings.  The MSc degrees are awarded once the candidates pass the relevant examinations and achieve the required level of proficiency in the examinations.

Research programmes – Master of Engineering (MEng), Doctor of Engineering (EngD) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) provides training in a particular subject area through independent investigations, study and experiment, culminating in the preparation of a thesis setting out the findings of the research undertaken. Students are also required to attend appropriate lectures and sit for written examinations.

Besides the above, students need to attend and present a number of seminars.  For doctoral students, the academic and research loads are heavier.  Doctoral students need to pass an oral defence.

Note : module requirements vary from departments; please check the departments’ websites for details

If you are interested in the research-based programmes of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of Engineering (EngD) or Master of Engineering (MEng), you can apply anytime as the applications are open throughout the year. The application schedule can be found here.

If you are interested in the coursework-based programme of Master of Science (MSc), you can only apply during the predetermined application period as described here (applications are processed during these periods).

Check the application period for the graduate programme you are interested in (Refer to “When Can I apply” section). If the application period for the programme you are interested in is open, you may proceed to submit your application online using the Graduate Admissions Systems (GDA). If you are a 1st time user of the online system, you will have to create a new account first before being able to apply for the programme. Please refer to the instructions on using the GDA system here.

The graduate courses are conducted in English.

It depends on which type of programme you are applying to. For more information on our scholarships and financial assistance available, please refer to our Fees & Financial Aid section on our website.

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) has a section – Hostel Admissions Services which oversee admission of students to the various student hostels. Please visit the OSA’s website for more information.

Priority for these campus accommodations are given to full time research students. Coursework students are unlikely to be offered campus accommodations. Off-campus accommodation details are also available from the OSA website.

It is important that you are financially prepared for full-time graduate studies in NUS. Estimates in our web have been derived based on a conservative estimate for a reasonably comfortable lifestyle, excluding the vacation period. The actual amount could be higher or lower depending on each student’s expenditure and lifestyle. Please also refer to our website for Estimated Cost of Living