NUS Engineering cares!

Philanthropic gifts have shaped NUS’ history and helped support our success. Giving to the causes you care about not only benefits you but it can be deeply rewarding for you too. We hope you may consider a gift to NUS Engineering!

You can give to a bursary, a scholarship or to educational initiatives.

Most people give to causes that affirm important values, including compassion for those in need. It is this cause that motivates our donors to give to bursaries. These bursaries make a great difference in our needy students’ lives. Your selfless concern for the well-being of our students is truly appreciated!

Giving to a scholarship helps give back to the next generation of students. Your valuable gift will have a lasting impact on future generations of students long into the future to come. Scholarships ensure that these students can manage the costs while getting a great education. You are investing in the students and providing a legacy for future generations.

As a donor to NUS, you can enjoy tax benefits. If you are a Singapore tax resident, your gift to NUS made during 1 January to 31 December 2018 is eligible for a tax deduction that is 2.5 times the gift value. To recognise the generosity of our donors, NUS offers naming opportunities. You can make a gift to honour individuals such as mentors or loved ones, or corporations or foundations. Your contribution may be acknowledged by the NUS community through our internal publications and website.

NUS Engineering is grateful for the gifts received every year. Please continue to support us in preparing the future leaders of tomorrow to make positive impacts on the world. To learn more about giving or to find out what types of gifts are accepted, you can contact us or view more details available on our website.