You will continue to pay tuition fee to your home university while on exchange to NUS Engineering. For some universities, e.g. University of Cambridge and University of Oxford, their students pay a reduced fee while they are away. As an exchange student, you do not need to pay tuition fee to NUS but are required to pay the Miscellaneous Student Fees:

Miscellaneous Student Fees (MSFs) [MSF = SSF + HSF]

Amount (per semester)

  • Student Services Fee (SSF) (Exchange)

    S$63.11 (£35 / US$46)

  • Health Service Fee (HSF)

    S$68.35 (£38 / US$50)


  • All fees shown here are inclusive of prevailing GST.

  • Fees may be subject to revision from time to time.

  • Late payment charge of S$25 will be imposed for any outstanding fees after the respective payment due date.

Estimated monthly cost of living

Estimated Cost (per month)On-campusOff-campus
AccomodationS$300 - S$800*S$500 - S$1200*
Food (3 meals a day)S$250 - S$400S$400 - S$800*
Public TransportS$100 - S$150S$200 - S$300
Books & Stationery (depends on course of study)S$200 - S$350S$200 - S$350
Personal expenses (Telecommunication, toiletries, clothing etc.)S$250 - S$350S$250 - S$350
TotalS$1,100 - S$2,050S$1,550 - S$3,000

(£1 ≈ S$1.79; US1 ≈ S$1.36)

* Actual cost depends on type of residence and type of room. For the hostel fees you may refer to the Office of Student Affairs’ Residential Services site.
# Actual rental depends on whether there is room sharing and whether utilities are included in the rent.

Do note that the actual costs will depend on your personal needs and lifestyle. The above estimates only include expenses for your daily essentials and does not account for other items such as shopping, entertainment, computers, electronic/communication devices, recreational travel, etc. Remember to budget more if you intend to travel around the region extensively!