Summer Engineering Research Internship for U.S. Students (SERIUS)


From SERIUS 2018 Participants

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Singapore. I like the emphasis that this country has on sustainability and cleanliness. I have also loved the diverse food. But most of all I have enjoyed the people who are very friendly and have ultimately made this program worth it.
Amy Hill, University of Pittsburgh
SERIUS is truly an eye-opening and enriching experience. Alongside creating and investigating ideas in your field of interest, you are able to gain global perspective as you meet new faces and explore new places. All in all, SERIUS encompasses a good balance of work and play.
Kimberly Ngoh, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
I would recommend SERIUS. It's a great way to get to know a different culture, without being completely lost. Singapore isn't a western country, so you'll constantly be learning about the culture, but it's not scarily unfamiliar. It's just different enough, especially for someone like myself who's never been to Asia before.
Jason Souvaliotis, Johns Hopkins University
SERIUS serves as a platform to not only strengthen your resume with an intense research experience over the course of 8 weeks, but it also acts as an incubator for your curiosity to run wild and learn of the current developments being made towards tomorrow's technologies while abroad.
Luis Novelo, Arizona State University
SERIUS has given me great insight into what research is like as I have never participated in research. I am interested in getting involved in labs back home now that I have some experience and know that I enjoy being involved.
Cole Dellamaria, University of Wisconsin-Madison
The most challenging part of the project is trying to figure out the problem on your own as in the past I have had pretty structured assignments. But this is representative of what the real world would be like when I start a new project and there are no guidelines to follow. It was interest to be working on a project that is at the forefront of the industry.
Brandon Tomasic, University of Pittsburgh
It was very interesting to see the STEM research and innovation environment in Singapore. Lots of data-driven approaches, and it was great to see the emphasis on sustainable processes.
Julie Cui, Johns Hopkins University

SERIUS Brochure

This is an 8-week research attachment program offered to students from specific U.S. partner universities. Successful applicants will undertake internships at NUS Engineering labs in Singapore from May 21 to July 12, 2019.

Projects available:
(projects are listed by host departments; some projects are multi disciplinary and suitable for students of different engineering majors.)


SERIUS is tagged to the NUS module, EG2605 Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme, and has 4 NUS modular credits (MCs). Participants will need to submit a report on their project at the end of the internship. This will be graded “Satisfactory” or “Unsatisfactory”.

In addition to developing research skills and finding out what’s at the cutting edge in engineering and technology, students learn from faculty and researchers who are experts in their field in a different culture and environment, at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Singapore is at the heart of Southeast Asia, and English is used because of its British colonial heritage.  It is the most user-friendly, English-speaking introduction to Asia, and an excellent gateway to discover and learn more about the surrounding region. The country is a melting pot of cultures and has a unique blend of East and West. As students interact with both local and international counterparts, they will get fantastic insights into Asian cultures and practices, uniquely mixed with Western influences.

SERIUS is open to students from specific U.S. partner universities. Students should preferably be in their junior year, but sophomores who are motivated and academically prepared, are welcome too.

Tuition fee for participating students will be waived under the student exchange agreements NUS has with these universities. The estimated costs involved in this internship are in the following table:

ItemEstimated Costs (8 weeks)
Student Services Fee (one-time)S$28.76
Health Service Fee (one-time)S$34
Student Pass Application Fee (one-time)S$90 – S$120
Accommodation at University Town (S$33.20 per night; total: 60 nights)S$1,992
MealsS$800 – S$1,600
Public TransportS$200 – S$300

(Note: Costs are in Singapore dollars, which is lower than the US dollar. US$1 = S$1.37.  Fees and accommodation cost are correct as at October 1, 2018 and are subject to change.)

There may be additional charges by your home university. Please check with your study abroad office.

The actual costs will depend on your personal needs and lifestyle. Please note that the figures only include expenses for your daily essentials, and do not account for other items such as shopping, entertainment, computers, electronic/communication devices, recreational travel, etc. Do plan a larger budget if you intend to travel around the region.

The internship period will be for 8 weeks, from May 21 to July 12, 2019.

* Dates to note (subject to change; please check back for the latest updates):

Project application deadlinePlease check with your study abroad office
Application outcome to be made known to studentsMid February
Online registration deadlineMarch 15
Accommodation check-in dateMay 19 & 20
Accommodation check-out datesJuly 13 & 14

Prior to application, students will need to be nominated by their home universities for SERIUS. Please check with your study aboard offices on the internal application process and eligibility. Interested students should complete the SERIUS application form and submit it, together with the relevant documents to their Universities study abroad offices:

University’s Study Abroad OfficesContacts
Arizona State University – Ms Abby Dalpra, ASU Study Abroad
Johns Hopkins University – Office of Study
Olin College of Engineering – Ms Sheila O’Neill, International Programs
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – International Programs in Engineering Office (IPENG)
University of Pennsylvania – Ms Jillian Cener, Global Internships Manager

Please apply via the UPenn application portal
University of Pittsburgh – Dr Kristine Lalley, Director of International Engineering
University of Toronto – Ms Elina Tulla, Programs and Process Coordinator, Centre for International Experience
University of Wisconsin-Madison – Mr Andy Quackenbush, International Academic Programs

Please complete the IAP online application at

Note: Project supervisors may interview candidates via email or Skype.