Engineering Class of 1982 celebrates its 35th Anniversary with fundraising

Engineering Class of 1982 celebrates its 35th Anniversary with fundraising

With a passion for raising money to benefit deserving students in financial need to have equal access to quality education in NUS Engineering, alumni from Engineering Class of 1982 organised their 35th Anniversary Reunion Dinner on 21 July 2017 at the NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House.

Although the alumni got together over dinner and spent time catching up and reminiscing about their university days, they did not forget the purpose of their gathering.  Armed with cheques, cash and gift forms, the alumni showed their support for NUS Engineering.  Their giving was generous and unceasing, and all gifts collected will go towards a bursary fund, the Engineering Class of 1982 Bursary Endowed Fund; which will enable financially challenged students to pursue their studies in NUS Engineering.

NUS Engineering Dean, Professor Chua Kee Chaing (seated centre), and Head, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Professor Quek Ser Tong (seated left),  with NUS Engineering alumni.

Professor Cham Tao Soon, Engineering Dean from 1978 to 1982 spoke about how the Government gave him the support to produce more engineers for the country and the challenges facing today’s engineers.  Several other alumni also shared their sentiments of a need for more engineers and desired competency of today’s engineers for current industry needs.

With the generous donations and some pledges, the event will raise more than the $100,000 target.  A huge vote of thanks to the Organising Committee, comprising  Ms Angie Ng, Mr Liew Kian Heng, Mr Koh Nghee Kwang, Mr Seah Cheng San and Mr Edwin Seow.  Special acknowledgement to partners such as NUSS, Toteboard, the Cocoa Tree, Mr Henry Wee,  as well as alumni, alumni volunteers, friends and OAR for their continued support and generosity.

Professor Cham Tao Soon (NUS Engineering Dean 1978 – 1982) addressing the guests

Bursary recipients, who were unable to attend the dinner, penned their appreciation to donors via a slide presentation. The students’ heartfelt words of thanks touched the hearts of all present.

NUS Engineering Dean Professor Chua Kee Chaing welcomed back the Engineering Class of 1982 and commended the alumni in their fundraising efforts; helping students so that they could spend time in their studies and achieve their potential.

Group photo of Class of ‘82 Civil Engineering
Group photo of Class of ‘82 Mechanical Engineering
August 10, 2017

Engineering Class of 1982 celebrates its 35th Anniversary with fundraising