Differentiated Pathways

Differentiated Pathways

The Engineering skills and knowledge you gain through our programmes are highly versatile, making a wide range of opportunities available to you upon graduation. We reflect this flexibility in our differentiated pathways, which are intended to better prepare you for the career that suits your strengths, interests and aspirations.

Key Features of the Pathways:

Practising Professional Pathway (PPP)Research-focused Pathway (RfP)Innovation & Design Programme (iDP)
Pathway Modules
  • Professional Development Electives
  • Graduate-Level Electives
  • Undergraduate Research Project (UROP)
  • Innovation & Enterprise Electives
  • Multi-Year Design Projects
  • Internship
  • MNCs
  • SMEs
  • Public Agencies
  • Research Institutes
  • Research Laboratories
  • Start-Up Companies
  • NUS Overseas Colleges
  • Engineering Design Firms
  • Final Year Project
  • Industry-Focused
  • Research-Based
  • Engineering Design-Focused
  • Possible Starting Careers
  • Project Engineer
  • Consultant
  • Research Engineer
  • Graduate Studies
  • Technopreneur
  • Product Design Engineer
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    Choosing Pathways:

    For PPP & RfP
    Decide only after Year 1
    iDP is available only as a 2nd Major
    Either apply to iDP 2nd Major when applying to NUS Engineering (any discipline)Or apply to iDP 2nd Major after Semester 1 or Semester 2 (by the latest)

    Switching Pathways

    You may switch to a different pathway if you change your mind. However, switching into iDP after Semester 2 is not encouraged because of the time needed for the multi-year group project.

    Differentiated Pathways