Natural Gas

Natural gas is widely regarded as the fuel for the future. It is the primary energy source for Singapore’s electricity, and of strategic importance to sustain Singapore’s competitive position. Asia is endowed with unconventional natural gas resources such as stranded/remote offshore fields and natural gas hydrates (NGH). The former constitute more than 60% of the current gas reserves. Estimated NGH deposits in Asia alone are about 13 times (254 vs. 19 trillion cubic meters) the US shale gas reserves. Thus, the exploration of these natural gas resources is poised to become the next global focus. This area aims to provide a much needed focus on research related to natural gas. CERT aims to galvanize a multi-disciplinary university-industry collaborative Consortium of Excellence on Natural Gas (CENGas) to innovate technologies for exploiting natural gas both as an energy source and feedstock. It brings together multi-disciplinary strengths in the Faculty of Engineering. The team’s mix of expertise ranges from molecular simulation and prototype demonstration to system scale-up and optimization, and its collective strengths are hard-to-match. Our research spans four key areas in the supply chain of natural gas, namely production, separation, transportation, and conversion or usage. The activities in each area build on our current enabling strengths in process physics, material synthesis, adsorbents, membranes, and process systems engineering.