IEEE Symposium – Emerging Topics in Smart and Sustainable Grids

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Smart Grid is an emerging paradigm that integrates advanced sensing technologies, intelligent control methods, and two-way communications into the conventional power grid to support the plug and play operation of various kinds of distributed renewable generation sources, energy storage systems, controllable loads or smart loads. The increasing share of renewables in the insular power grids imposes a significant challenge to the distribution networks mainly due to the uncertainty and variability of the renewable generation. For efficient and reliable operation of the smart grids, monitoring and data acquisition, smart-metering, cyber-security, advanced power electronic converters, control of the power converters and intelligent fault detection and analysis are the real research challenges. This symposium is aimed at bringing together the new generation of methodologies and solutions for the development of truly sustainable and smart grids.

The symposium includes distinguished lecture, invited talks followed by a poster session for undergraduate/graduate students of academia and professionals from industries. This symposium is accredited by the Professional Engineers Board (PEB) of Singapore with 7 PDU (pending approval).