Energy Efficiency

Building energy efficiency improvements

  • Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV)

    • Novel fin structures for enhanced cooling
    • Hybrid cycles and nanostructured membranes for cooling and dehumidification
    • Adsorption cycles for cooling and desalination
    • Aerogel based membranes for improved indoor air quality
  • Electrochromic windows for reducing solar heating

  • Efficient energy management systems in smart buildings

Industry energy efficiency improvements

  • High efficiency furnace

  • Waste heat recovery & reuse

  • Low energy cooling for green data center

  • Modeling for efficiency
  • Energy integration

  • Catalysis and integrated chemical reaction systems

  • Process optimization

Transportation energy efficiency improvements

  • Internal combustion engines with high efficiency and low emissions

  • Biofuel-based electromobility