Energy Efficiency

While there is strong current interest in diversifying the conventional energy supply to include renewable resources, it is equally important from the sustainability standpoint is to use energy as efficiently as possible to manage the energy demand prudently. This is particularly salient for a country like Singapore with no natural resources and has to rely on imported fuel to meet our energy demand. The energy efficiency research at CERT is focused on research where the total energy savings more than compensate for the cost of implementing the energy efficient technologies. It therefore cuts across other research themes. A sample of some focused activities on energy efficiency includes:

Building energy efficiency improvements

  • Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV)

    • Novel fin structures for enhanced cooling
    • Hybrid cycles and nanostructured membranes for cooling and dehumidification
    • Adsorption cycles for cooling and desalination
    • Aerogel based membranes for improved indoor air quality
  • Electrochromic windows for reducing solar heating

  • Efficient energy management systems in smart buildings

  • High efficiency furnace

  • Waste heat recovery & reuse

  • Low energy cooling for green data center

  • Modeling for efficiency

  • Energy integration

  • Catalysis and integrated chemical reaction systems

  • Process optimization

Industry energy efficiency improvements

Transportation energy efficiency improvements

  • Internal combustion engines with high efficiency and low emissions

  • Biofuel-based electromobility