A/Prof Praveen LINGA

Co-Lead for Natural Gas

Praveen LINGA is an associate professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He holds a PhD (2009) from the University of British Columbia, Canada in Chemical Engineering. His research interests are in the areas of clathrate (gas) hydrates, storage and transport of fuels, carbon dioxide capture, storage [...]


Lead for Natual Gas

Prof Karimi’s main research interests are in the area of Process Systems Engineering. His current work focuses on energy systems including natural gas supply chain, process optimization, process operations, process synthesis, energy integration, carbon capture and utilization, and systems biology. Over the years, he has managed industry collaborative projects with several local chemical and logistics […]

Prof LIU Bin

Lead for Renewable Energy Sources

Prof Liu’s overall research goal is to design, synthesize and characterize new materials with an emphasis on their applications in nano-biotechnology and clean energy. Her group is creating an active program of research which bridges areas of materials science, polymer chemistry, nano-science, bio-technology and device fabrication. Her current research interests include bioprobes based on fluorogens […]

A/Prof Sanjib K. PANDA

Lead for Smart Grid

Prof Panda is an expert in power engineering and associated technology fusion, both at the component-level and at the systems-level. More than 25 years of research experience in power electronics, converter control, electric drives and energy systems has garnered him pragmatic insight towards the technology implementations. He supervises the development of renewable source integrated microgrid […]

A/Prof PALANI Balaya

Co-Lead for Energy Storage

Prof Palani’s group focuses on basic battery research at one hand, developing novel concepts and electrode materials for lithium-ion battery and sodium-ion battery resulting in impactful publications and patents, and other hand on translational battery research developing proto-types of various battery cells close to industry standards without compromising safety. A state-of-the-art pilot line has been […]

A/Prof Stefan ADAMS

Co-Lead for Energy Storage

Prof Adams’ group has leading expertise in fast-ion conducting oxides and sulfides for use in Lithium-air-, all-solid-state-Lithium-, flow- and structural batteries. Adams also serves the Asian Society of Solid State Ionics as their Secretary. Combining decades of experience on (in situ) structural and electrochemical characterization and battery performance testing with DFT and empirical simulations (especially […]

Prof CHOU Siaw Kiang

Co-Lead for Energy Efficiency

Prof Chou’s research interests are in Energy performance of buildings and thermal performance of building envelopes, microscale combustion, micro thermophotovoltaics, micro thrusters and propulsion systems, heat-driven and hybrid thermal systems, and internal combustion engines burning biofuels. He is credited with the formulation of the Envelope Thermal Transfer Value (ETTV) and the Residential Envelope Transmittance Value […]

A/Prof LEE Poh Seng

Deputy Director and Co-Lead for Energy Efficiency

Prof Lee’s current research interests include microfluidics and microscale heat transfer, high performance thermal management techniques (in particular microchannel single- and two-phase cooling), waste heat recovery and reuse and solar thermal energy harvesting and storage. His group has developed various patent pending heat transfer enhancement technologies and they are working closely with various industry partners […]

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