Alumni Mentorship Programme

Alumni Mentorship Programme

The NUS Engineering Alumni Mentorship Programme is an initiative to build a strong and dynamic relationship between the alumni and student community, one that is mutually beneficial to both parties professionally. The programme aims to provide opportunities for engineering students to learn about work and life outside university, from established alumni of NUS Engineering.

Mentorship Period

The mentorship programme is conducted twice a year; August – January (Semester 1) and February – July (Semester 2).
Each mentor is matched with one or two students over a 6-month mentorship period.


  • Recommended three meetings between mentor and mentees during the mentorship period.
  • Average length of each meeting around one hour, or as the mentor sees fit.
  • Meetings can also take the form of email exchanges, phone chats, tea/lunch chats, office or site visits, or even attendance at a company event or meeting as the mentor sees fit.
  • Meetings to include advice on matters regarding the Mentor’s area of expertise, work and life outside the university, career path development, and matters relating to professional practices.

Welcome/Thank You Get-Together

A  Welcome/Thank You Get-Together is held in August (Semester 1, Week 2) and January (Semester 2, Week 2) at the start of each semester. Mentors and their new mentees are introduced to one another at this Welcome Get-Together event. At the same time, it is also a Thank You Get-Together for outgoing mentees, who have completed the mentorship programme, to thank their mentors.

Volunteer as an Alumni Mentor

Alumni who have graduated at least 5 years ago and are interested to become a Mentor, please contact Mr Chua Sin Chew at 6516 5005, email: .

Alumni Mentorship Programme