Types of Gifts

All eligible gifts from a private entity, whether endowed or expendable, will be matched by the Singapore Government.

Singapore tax-resident individuals and corporations will enjoy 2.5 times tax deduction on their assessable income. Details on Tax Deductible Donations are available here.

Naming opportunities are available. Contact us for details.


For Endowed gifts, the principal sum is invested to earn returns which will be used to support the gift purpose.


The entire sum of an Expendable gift will be spent on the intended purpose.


Name Gift Minimum Gift Level(S$)
Endowed Expendable
Medal or Prize 75,000 15,000
Bursary or Scholarship 150,000 45,000
Professorship 2,000,000 600,000

Naming opportunities are available. Contact us for details.

What Can I Give?


Scholarships recognise the academic achievements of students.The award will spur our students to excel. Scholarships can be endowed or expendable; your gift will inspire our brightest students to reach their potential


Bursaries are awarded to needy students. The award will make a lasting difference in our students’ lives. Your gift will enable those financially strapped students to a quality education; they can participate in various programmes eg. Student Exchange Programmes. Each gift will motivate our students to do better and cultivate a sense of gratitude and a pay it forward attitude.

Medals or Prize

Medals and prizes recognise the academic achievements of students in a particular major or subject. Your gift will motivate our students to do better in a competitive environment.


A professorship is an academic position created through a gift and this will go towards the hiring of an outstanding candidate who will be a Full Professor. This candidate will contribute to the education of highly qualified and productive community of scholars, Engineer-Leaders for the Singapore of tomorrow.

Annual Giving

Annual Giving is a way that alumni staff, students and faculty can contribute by raising funds for student bursary support. The Annual Giving programme runs from 1 April to 31 March per year.

Please make a gift now to the Annual Giving programme.

Commencement Class Giving

GivingEach year, the graduating class comes forward to help their juniors by making a gift to the student bursary. If you are a student from the upcoming graduating class, we invite you to make a difference by being involved in the commencement class giving campaign.Your donation will go towards the NUS Engineering Student Development Fund which provides bursaries, scholarships and enrichment programmes for our students, enabling them to fulfil their potential.Make your commencement class gift now