Academic Calendar / Curriculum – Oxford

Academic Calendar / Curriculum – Oxford

The Oxford academic year commences in October and finishes in June each year. The academic calendar consists of three terms (Michaelmas, Hilary and Trinity).

You can only take courses offered by the Engineering Science Department and not from other Oxford departments. It is expected that B-papers (third year courses) and C-papers (fourth year courses) to make up the majority of the courses to be taken by NUS students. The normal workload of an exchange student at Oxford is a total of 6 Examination Units (EUs) as written papers plus a project with a weighting of 6 EUs. You are expected to take no more than four B- and C-papers plus one A-paper or six B- and/or C-papers. Each A-paper (second year course) is twice the weight of a B- or C-paper, i.e. 2 EUs. One thing to note, taking of A-papers are subject to the necessary agreement from the tutors at the colleges involved in the exchange.

Engineering Science Handbook will give you an overview on the course curriculum offered by the Dept of Engineering Science at Oxford U.

Syllabi for years 1 to 4: Do take note that you need to take all the sub-unit under each paper, eg for Paper B1: Engineering Computation (year 3), you will need to take b101, b102 and b103. Paper B2 (Engineering in Society) is not available to NUS students as its lecture course is spread over two years, with a single exam at the end of year 3. If you like, you can attend the B2 lectures but will not be qualified to take the exam paper.

*This gives an indication of the projects likely to be offered in the new  academic year.

The timetables below show the timetable for 2017/18. The timetables doesn’t tend to shift too much from year to year.

General Scheme shows the number of lecture hours for each paper for each term, eg for the First Year P1 Calculus paper, it has 8 hours of lecture in the Michaelmas Term.

Academic Calendar / Curriculum – Oxford