Responsibilities to Note

Responsibilities to Note


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Look through the partner’s website for an idea of the courses available. DO NOT apply for a University that does not offer suitable courses for you. Please read carefully the comments/remarks on NUS SIS, IRO’s partner university information sheet as well as host university’s website when selecting PUs.

Research on past mappings of students from your department. Department co-ordinators and administrator contacts can be found here.

Prepare a tentative study plan to the 5 PUs. Prepare for interviews.

Read through the information page here.

Wait for an email from the Office of Undergraduate Programmes (OUP) with further instructions on submission of Partner Univeristy (PU) documents.

*Students embarking in semester 1 will be contacted sometime in February or March

*Students embarking in semester 2 will be contacted sometime in July – September

Wait for PU’s evaluation; this will take at least two months. You will be notified once your application results are ready. This will either be through email or by post to the address provided in your application.

Your student status will be updated according to your status in NUS SIS. Once you are on SEP status in that particular semester, you will be unable to bid for modules through CORS.

Make accommodation arrangements (if you have not done so) with the partner.

Make visa and travel arrangements.

* If you need a letter from NUS stating you are a student embarking on exchange in the following semesters, please contact Ms Sharon Poh ( Most of the time, you will have already received this letter from our Registrar’s office. You may like to keep an additional copy.


Contact and register your personal particulars at the Diplomatic Mission of your nationality upon arrival at the country of the Assigned Partner University (e.g. a Singapore national should contact the Singapore Embassy/High Commission, which is usually in the capital city or you may register on-line at

Update your contact information in NUS SIS (

Take down the NUS Campus Security Hot Line number: +65 65161616 in case of emergency while you are overseas.

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Please note that the transcript might take some time to reach you. You will receive an email from our office for collection of the original transcript when they arrive. If you wish to check on your transcript, please go to your department office with the original transcript from the partner once you have received it in order to transfer your credits back to NUS.

Fill up the returning SEP student survey here. This will help us improve the programme for future classes of NUS students.

Responsibilities to Note