MCs and Policy

MCs and Policy

(AY 2014 onwards)

Students should take note of the following important academic policies (see the general information section of the NUS Bulletin for more details):

(1) 60MC limit on level 1000 modules

(2) Minimum graded MCs (NUS modules with assigned Letter-grades ‘A+’ to ‘D’, ‘CS’ grade or ‘S’-grade) counted towards Degree, Major, and Minor Requirements:

  • A minimum of 50% for degree requirements (residency);
  • A minimum of 60% for major requirements; and
  • A minimum of 24MC for minor requirements; a maximum of 8MCs can be mapped for SEP

(3) The policy of minimum workload of 18 MCs per semester will be applicable to all new and returning students with effect from AY2015/16.

For students who are unable to map up to 18MCs due to restrictions at Partner Universities, you may write in to your department for approval. Please detail how you will be able to graduate on time, despite falling below the minimum workload required. Exceptions to the 18 MCs minimum workload will be considered on a case by case basis, subject to the department/faculty’s approval.

For more information, please refer here.


  • For credit transfer, a passing grade at the partner universities is needed
  • MCs transferred back to NUS from overseas modules are to be excluded from CAP computation
  • Grades are non-transferrable
  • More information and FAQ on S/U grading option: Click Here

MCs and Policy