If you are an Employer

If you are an Employer

Recognising industrial internships as an important element of the professional engineering training, NUS Engineering has re-introduced internships as a compulsory requirement of the Bachelor of Engineering curriculum for students of the 2014 matriculation cohort and onwards. Internships provide an excellent platform for students to integrate knowledge and theories learnt in the classroom with the practical application and skill development in a professional setting. Students are also expected to develop a better appreciation of engineering professions and be better able to define their career aspirations. The Faculty partners organisations and establishments in the industry to place students in meaningful internships. Internships enable organisations to gain access to students as a mode of talent acquisition while contributing in shaping the younger generation of engineers.

Bachelor of Engineering Degree Programmes

Internship Programmes

The modular-credit awarding internship programmes include the following: 

Module DurationPeriod
EG3611 Industrial Attachment (IA)24 weeks14 January to 28 June 2019
20 weeks15 July to 29 November 2019 (coming soon)
EG3612 Vacation Internship Programme (VIP)12 weeks14 May - 8 August 2018
13 May - 2 August 2019 (coming soon)

Depending on the Engineering degree, students will enrol in either one of the programmes outlined as follows.

Engineering DegreeYear 2Year 3Year 4
(Sem 1)(Sem 2)(Special Term)(Sem 1)(Sem 2)(Special Term)(Sem 1)(Sem 2)
Biomedical IAIA
Chemical IAIA
Civil IAIA
Computer IAIA
Electrical IAIA
Environmental IAIA
Engineering Science VIPVIP
Industrial & Systems# VIPIAIAVIP
Materials ScienceIAIA
Mechanical IAIA

#Students in Industrial & Systems Engineering have the option of doing an IA or a VIP.

To participate in IA and VIP, please browse internship participation

Note: Internship is not compulsory for students enrolled in the Double Degree Programme, Concurrent Degree Programme, Chemical Sciences Programme, Global Engineering Programme and the Polytechnic direct-entry students. These groups of students may still choose to enrol in for-credit internship on a non-compulsory basis and may choose either the IA or VIP.

If you are an Employer