Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP)

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP)

EG2605 Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP)

Imagine. Investigate. Inquiry. Identify. 


Why do Research?

“Research is the scholarly pursuit of new knowledge, discovery, or creative activity in an area with the goal of advancing that area’s frontiers or boundaries.

What is UROP?

UROP is introduced to provide students a unique opportunity in intensive research apprenticeship under the guidance of a staff member of the Faculty of Engineering, all while earning modular credits (4MCs) toward the Unrestricted Elective (UE) requirement of the BEng degree. As students engaged in research expedition, they experience the challenges of and acquire skills for the intellectual process of inquiry to solve the undetermined through literature review and critical and creative thinking. Through UROP, close interactions are fostered with faculty members and members of the research group.  UROP also prepares students for their Final Year Project, postgraduate studies and future careers in Engineering & Technology.

 Who is Eligible?

– Students who find a connection with the objective of UROP

– Completed at least one semester of study at NUS and have at least two semesters of study prior to graduation

– Not to be taken concurrently with dissertation projects

– Can only be taken once and completed within a year

What are the Deliverables?

A minimum commitment of 130 hours and the submission of a 6-8 page technical research report in the given prescribed format at the end of the research work.

How to Get Started?

1. Identify the fields of your research interest corresponding to the research profiles of the Faculty

The level of involvement range from being an assistant in experimental research to software development in an academic department or interdisciplinary laboratories and centres in the fields of engineering and technology. Participation in cross-departmental projects within the Faculty of Engineering is possible.

2. Check out current UROP projects

Logon to the Enhancement Programmes portal at https://myaces.nus.edu.sg/ugep/studentLogin.html to view the list of projects. Students may also self-source for projects by enquiring direct with faculty members on research opportunities for undergraduates.

Acceptance into research is highly selective. A mutual interest between the student and the UROP supervisor is required for your UROP enrolment to be supported.

3. Register your UROP interest at the web-portal according to the placement timeline

If the project is self-sourced, the project must first be posted online by the Faculty member before students may select the project for registration.

What is the Registration Timeline?

Activity for UROP starting in the Semester 2 AY2018/19Deadline
Students apply to UROP online1 - 31 Dec 2018
Confirmation of UROP registration11 Jan 2019
Students commence UROP14 Jan 2019

UROP may be undertaken for a maximum study period of ONE calendar year. Special term tuition fees (charging by per module basis) apply to students on UROP in the special term.

UROP CommencementUROP Maximum Enrolment PeriodNote
Semester 1Week 6 of Special Term 2 (of the same AY)Students submitting the report in Sem 2 will receive ‘IP’ grade for UROP in Sem 1 & ‘CS/CU’ grade in Special Term 2.
Semester 2Week 13 of Semester 1 (of next AY)Similar to above. ‘IP’ and ‘CS/CU’ grades will be assigned to students according to their UROP completion schedule.
Special Term IWeek 13 of Semester 2 (of next AY)Similar to above. ‘IP’ and ‘CS/CU’ grades will be assigned to students according to their UROP completion schedule.

When do I sign up by?

Student apply online:  The month before term starts
Confirmation of UROP Registration: The Friday before term starts
Student commence UROP: Start of week 1 of academic term

You want to sign up in Sem 2 of AY18/19 where term starts on 14 Jan 2019.

Application portal will open in Dec’18 and close by end of Dec. Confirmation of the UROP module by 11 Jan. And student will commence UROP by 14 Jan if confirmed. And you will have up to end of week 13 of Sem1 AY19/20 to submit your report.

Contact Us

Please call the Office of Undergraduate Programmes for general and administrative enquiries.

UROP Committee

Biomedical EngineeringA/Prof Huang Zhiweibiehzw@nus.edu.sg
Chemical & BiomolecularA/Prof Chiu Min-Senchecms@nus.edu.sg
Civil EngineeringA/Prof Tan Siew Annceetansa@nus.edu.sg
Electrical and Computer EngineeringA/Prof Xiang Chengelexc@nus.edu.sg
Engineering Science ProgrammeA/Prof Anjam Khursheedeleka@nus.edu.sg
Environmental EngineeringA/Prof J Paul Chenceecjp@nus.edu.sg
Industrial & Systems EngineeringA/Prof Liu Yangiseliuy@nus.edu.sg
Materials Science & EngineeringProf Gong Haomsegongh@nus.edu.sg
Mechanical EngineeringA/Prof Quan Chenggenmpeqcg@nus.edu.sg

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP)