Technopreneurship and Incubation Programme (TIP)

Technopreneurship and Incubation Programme (TIP)

EG1603 / EG2603 Technopreneurship and Incubation Programme

Do you want to solve real world business problems?
Do you want to be hands on?
Do you want to improve the world using technology?

NOTE: The Technopreneurship & Incubation Program (TIP) is the credit-bearing enhancement program associated with the technopreneurship challenge InnoVenture.

InnoVenture is a yearlong, hands-on experiential learning programme to gain insight, confidence, and basic capabilities about the theoretical and practical aspects of engineering leadership and entrepreneurship.

The programme challenges students from all disciplines to develop viable solutions for real engineering problems faced by MNCs, SMEs and startups.

What’s in it for me?
Students acquire knowledge and skills through experiencing and overcoming the real-life challenges in brainstorming, designing, and prototyping of solutions (“Technical Mastery”), and face-to-face interaction with industry to develop and receive support for their solutions (“Influencing skills”).

What’s the process like?
Students will attend bootcamps to acquire knowledge, meet often with industry mentors to enhance their thinking, work with their peers to develop teamwork and leadership skills, and closely connect with the problem statement representatives to gain real-life experience in working with industry.
The year-long program is split up into 2 phases/semesters. Phase 1 (EG1603) will focus on problem solving and design, while Phase 2 (EG2603) will focus on (hardware) prototyping of the proposed solutions and pitching to industry. Leadership and team development will happen throughout Phase 1 and 2.

What do I have to do to?
To be awarded the credits for (EG1603/2603) you must attend all workshops in each phase, complete the short reflection assignments after each workshop, and pitch successfully at IdeaLaunch and/or DemoDay. Please check beforehand that you are able to commit to the workshops in Phase 1/Semester 1 by viewing the schedule below.

Kick-off21 August 12:00PM-1:30PMIntroduction of Challenge and Problem Statements to participants. Start of registration/team signups
Customer Focus Workshop1 September 9:00AM-1:00PMFocuses on identifying your customer, and how to interview and gain information from them for solutioning. Interaction with companies!
Effective Decision Making8 September 9:00AM-1:00PMFocuses on team formation & dynamics to ensure that your team is ready for the challenge!
Solutioning Workshop15 September 9:00AM-1:00PMFocuses on creativity tools & tricks to help you in your solutioning!
ImmersionsTBDField trips to participating companies to experience the setting in which the problem statement applies (only for selected problem statements)
Business & Presenting Workshop20 October 9:00AM-1:00PMFocuses on business viability of your proposed solution and how to effectively present it to an audience
IdeaLaunch14 November, TBDAll teams will present their solutions to a panel!

More information:

For more information about InnoVenture, please visit the official site at:

If you have any additional questions then please feel free to reach out to Randall Sie ( The InnoVenture website has an FAQ page hence please visit it first before enquiring via email.

EG1603 is conducted in Semester 1s of each academic year and students will be informed via email when the next registration is open.

Technopreneurship and Incubation Programme (TIP)