MA1301 Exemption & Advanced Placement Credits for Polytechnic Graduates

  1. Polytechnic graduates have to read MA1301 except those who have successfully completed all modules/courses in special Math programmes (such as the "Certificate in Engineering Mathematics", " Diploma Plus Programme in Advanced Engineering Mathematics" & etc) offered by their respective Polytechnics. Students can send their certificates to to check if they are exempted from MA1301, before registering for MA1301X.

  2. Polytechnic graduates who are admitted into the B.Eng. programmes may receive up to 40 modular credits (MCs) of advanced placement credits from the following list.

With effect from AY2015/16

  • Up to 20 MCs for Unrestricted Elective Modules; and
  • Up to 20 MCs for Programme Requirements.

For diploma holders to be granted the relevant APCs Programme Requirements, the diploma must have been completed within the last 5 years prior to the year of admission to the University. However, the 20 MCs of APCs for the Unrestricted Elective Modules will be awarded to all diploma holders of approved programmes from Polytechnics in Singapore, regardless of when the diploma was completed, in recognition of the overall knowledge gained from a Polytechnic education. These 20 MCs of APCs are tagged at Level-1000 but will not be counted against the 60-MC limit on Level-1000 modules. This is because many Level-1000 modules are essential modules that students must complete before they can progress to the next level.

Please refer to the Registrar's Office website for more information on the Advanced Placement Credits and Exemption.