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What do Engineers do?

Engineers innovate and create all kinds of functional systems, products and services for modern living by applying a combination of mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals. Engineers solve problems and make things work better, more efficiently, and less expensively. We have to thank engineers for modern conveniences at our homes, schools, offices, hospitals and even on ourselves (for handphones, MP3 players and notebook computers & etc).

Engineers are designers and builders, making everything from nano-electronic devices, robots, biopharmaceuticals, and medical equipment to skyscrapers and highly efficient transportation systems that move millions of people in relative comfort and safety on the ground, sea, air and even in space. In addition to pushing the frontiers of science and technology to design and create new products and services, engineers are also involved in the planning, logistics and management of people, processes and machinery used in the manufacture of products. Engineers ensure that the products they manufacture are of the highest quality and meet safety standards. Engineers are also involved in marketing of technological products and services.

Engineers administer large-scale technical, engineering and research projects by being involved in designing, planning, organizing, allocating resources/budgets and controlling activities that have engineering/technological components. In such projects, engineers oversee and manage teams of technical and non-technical personnel. Engineering managers are distinguished from other managers by the fact that they possess both an ability to apply engineering principles as well as being able to organize, plan and manage technical projects. Engineers constantly keep pace with the ever-evolving technology and must be adept at handling resources and budgets in order to deliver the most cost-effective results.

Engineers not only contribute to modern technology but also to other fields including architecture, the global environment and medicine. Our world has indeed been shaped by some of the greatest Engineering achievements.

Engineers find their profession to be highly enjoyable, interesting, rewarding and satisfying. Click here for top reasons to be an engineer. Many Engineering graduates become entrepreneurs and businessmen.

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