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Engineering Disciplines in NUS

Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering is a discipline that advances knowledge in engineering, biology and medicine, and improves human health through cross-disciplinary activities that integrate the engineering sciences with the biomedical sciences and clinical practice.

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Areas of Study:
Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Biomechanics & Biomedical Electronics & Imaging
Job Opportunities:
Health Technology: Biomedical Device Companies, Life Sciences, Biopharmaceutical Companies,Healthcare Services & Research Institutes..
Chemical Engineering

Study of changes in composition, energy content and/or state of materials, taking into consideration the fundamentals of nature of matter and its properties (chemistry), similar aspects of biological /biomolecular materials (biology), forces that act on matter (physics), and mathematical relationships between them. Differs from basic sciences in its emphasis on applications of chemical reactions, separations and techniques for designing, operating & controlling industrial processes. Click here to find out more.

Areas of Study:
Petroleum Refining, Pharmaceuticals, Semiconductors Biomolecular Engineering, Petrochemicals/ PolymersProcess Design & Control..
Job Opportunities:
Shell, ExxonMobil, SRC GSK, Schering Plough, Motorola, NEC, CSM Aventis, Pharmacia Upjohn, BTI, BASF, DuPont, Eastman, Foster Wheeler, Honeywell, ICES, Micron Semiconductor Asia, IM Flash Singapore
Civil Engineering
Building a better, safer and healthier world

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Focus of Study:
Civil engineering materials, construction management, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydraulic engineering, infrastructure systems, structural engineering and transport engineering.
Job Opportunities:
Engineering consulting firms, R&D institutions, construction and offshore engineering, environmental engineering and transport industries
Computer Engineering
Exploits the synergy between electrical engineering & computer science, enabling engineers to apply the power of computing technology to numerous aspects of engineering.

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Concentrations for Specialization:
Communications & Networking, Embedded Computing, Intelligent Systems, Interactive Digital Media, Large-Scale Computing, System-on-a-Chip Design
Job Opportunities:
Accenture, Citibank, DSO National Laboratories, Google, Microsoft Asia, Republic of Singapore Air Force, ST Electronics
Electrical Engineering

About the creative & innovative application of mathematical and scientific principles (particularly governing electricity, magnetism and light) to the creation of products, services and technology for the good of mankind.

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Broad Areas of Specialization :
Biomedical engineering, Communications engineering, Computer systems, Control and automation, Data storage, Energy and power systems, Mechatronics, Microelectronics – IC design & manufacturing
Robotics, Software systems engineering
Job Opportunities:
Micron Semiconductor Asia, IM Flash Singapore, Advanced Micro Devices
Engineering Science Programme

First of its kind in Asia, the Engineering Science programme (ESP) will prepare a new class of engineer-scientists for cutting edge multidisciplinary R&D and professional careers.ESP is taught by faculty members from both the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science. Modules are specially designed to reduce the usual barriers to interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary work and bring out creative and leadership qualities. Click here to find out more.

Areas of Specialization:
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Computational Engineering Science, Bioimaging and Optics, Energy Systems
Job Opportunities:
Micron Semiconductor Asia, IM Flash Singapore
Environmental Engineering

Concerned with the analysis, development, design, construction, and operation of systems for the control and management of the environment.

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Focus of Study :
Air pollution assessment & control, alternative energy resources, climate change, environmental microbiology & biotechnology, hazardous and solid waste management, human & environmental health, water quality and treatment, water reclamation and reuse
Job Opportunities:
Environmental engineers may be employed as engineers, managers, and entrepreneurs in the:
Environmental engineering industry; Consulting industry; Petrochemical and oil-related industry;
Semiconductor and electronics industry; Chemical and pharmaceutical industry; Construction (plants & OEMs) industry; Agro-industries; Research institutes; Government & Statutory boards; Financial Institutions.
Industrial & Systems Engineering

Design and management of production and service systems to achieve competitive performance by optimizing resources. Blends business and engineering.

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Areas of Study:
Systems Optimization & Design, Supply Chain and Logistics Systems, Quality Engineering, Engineering Management -Operations Research
Job Opportunities:
Logistics: SIA, PSA, UPS, DHL, Exel,  Danzas, Consulting Services: Accenture, SAP, Oracles, PWC, McKinsey & Co, Communication and IT Services: SingTel, Banking and Finance: Standard Chartered Bank, OCBC Bank,
Manufacturing & Process: Tech Semiconductor, Philips, Shell, Health Care: National Health Group, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Defense – MINDEF, DSTA, Micron Semiconductor Asia, IM Flash Singapore
Materials Science & Engineering

Strives for basic understanding of how the science of structures and processes on the atomic scale result in the properties and functions familiar at the engineering level.
Differs from basic sciences in its emphasis on phenomena acting across large magnitudes of space and time scales. Emphasis on development and use of knowledge to controllably designed materials separates it from the other branches of engineering, which stress applications. Click here to find out more.

Areas of Study:
Semiconductors, Microelectronics, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Polymers and chemicals, Optical/magnets
Metallic materials, Ceramic and composites
Job Opportunities:
CSM, Towa, STATS, NEC, Epson, Motorola, HP, IME, Agilent, IBN, Becton Dickinson, DuPont, Shell, Sumitomo
Hoya, Perkin Elmer, DSI, GE Aviation Services, Keppel, DNV, 3M, Allied Technology, Micron Semiconductor Asia, IM Flash Singapore
Mechanical Engineering

Concerned with the design, manufacturing and utilisation of mechanical devices, machines and energy conversion systems.

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Areas of Study:
Applied Mechanics, Control & Mechatronics, Fluid Mechanics, Manufacturing , Material Science, Micro System Technology, Thermodynamics
Job Opportunities:
MINDEF, MRTC, PSA, PUB, refineries, Marine, aerospace, defence industries, General Manufacturing and
supporting industries, Micron Semiconductor Asia, IM Flash Singapore