Special Programmes:

University Scholars Programme

A new initiative by the National University of Singapore, the University Scholars Programme is specially designed to develop the personal, intellectual and leadership qualities of students enrolled at the university. We warmly welcome all National University of Singapore and foreign exchange students to participate inUniversity Scholars Programme classes.

Created to provide students with a truly world-class education based on critical analyses and multidisciplinary studies and the highest academic challenges without having to go abroad, this four-year programme for honours students aims to forster active learners who can think and write critically, clearly and effectively, synergise existing ideas and create new ones, make path-breaking connections within and among diverse disciplines, and reflect deeply on themselves and their place in society.

University Scholars Programme offers a wide range of modules in twelve areas of study, excellent teachers, interactive pedagogy, small class size, and an overall strategic focus on digital culture.

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Actively promoting pioneering work, the programme provides a platform and test-bed to try out new ideas and to perfect educational approaches best suited to a knowledge-based economy. The programme, introduced in July 2001, evolved from the university's Core Curriculum and Talent Development Programmes. We refer to all students in the University Scholars Programme as scholars. Scholars may or may not be recipients of scholarships.

For more information on the programme, please see www.usp.nus.edu.sg.