Student Information:

Withdrawal from University


A student who leaves the University after the second week of a semester (excluding the orientation week in semester 1) is liable to pay fees for the whole semester. Partial payment cannot be made. The withdrawal is to be made at the Home Faculty. If you are a full-time undergraduate, please submit both the forms and your matriculation card to your department. Common Engineering (ENG1) students are to submit the above mentioned to the Office of Undergraduate Programs, EA-04-10.

A student's eligibility for concessionary travel in buses and MRT trains will cease upon his/her withdrawal from the University. Please return your ez-link card to the TransitLink Customer Service Center at Buona Vista MRT Station within two weeks upon the termination of your studies. TransitLink will give a refund on the remaining card value. The card will be deactivated if it is not returned for a refund. If you are holding a Student's Pass issued by the Singapore Immigration & Registration [SIR], you must surrender it to SIR within 7 days upon termination of your study at NUS.

Students who have withdrawn but wish to re-instate their candidature within the same calendar year should apply through the Registrar's Office. Students who wish to return after one calendar year of withdrawal will have to apply for re-admission through the Office of Admissions. Those who are successful in re-admission after one calendar year of withdrawal may be subject to full tuition fees prevailing at that time.