Student Information:

Leave of Absence

It is the student’s responsibility to notify their departments/ course instructors regarding absences from scheduled academic activities.
  1. Medical Leave
  2. Other Leave (non-medical)
  3. Important Notes
  4. Online Application
 1. Medical Leave

Note: For short period of medical leave (e.g. less than a week for flu, cold,etc.), the students may directly inform the lecturers/tutors as per normal. That is, the student should show the lecturers/tutors the original medical certificate.  A student on medical leave for a Continual Assessment component must submit the Medical Certificate to the lecturers/tutors for consideration.

In line with national medical policies established by the Ministry of Health, medical certificates issued by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are not accepted.>
Medical leave will be granted to students on submission of a medical certificate from the physician of the University's Health & Wellness Centre (UHWC).

If the medical certificate is submitted by any other registered medical practitioner, leave will be granted only after consultation with UHWC physician.  Please submit an online application (see URL below).
 2. Other Leave (non-medical)

Special leave may be granted for students for participating in overseas seminars, competitions, sports, community services, etc. Special leave of absence may also be granted for a student who needs to attend to personal matters such as the death of a family member or even to start-up a company. Please submit an online application from the link below.
 3. Important Notes

Leave for an extended duration: Students who are absent for an extended period without first obtaining approval for leave will be regarded as being absent without permission and are liable to have their registration status terminated. In addition, students who, for valid reasons, require leave of one semester or more should obtain approval in advance of the semester.

A student who applies for leave of absence after the second week of a semester (excluding the orientation week in semester 1) is liable to pay fees for the whole semester. For information about implications on fees, please refer to For students away for IAP, SEP or International Study Program, school fees would still be payable, even if the leave period is of one semester or more (please check accordingly as these do not fall under this category of Leave of Absence).

 4. Online Application for Leave of Absence

A student who is applying for leave of absence should submit an online application. The student should submit this online application form and deliver any original supporting documents (e.g. doctor’s letter, CCA information, etc.) to his department. Depending on the duration of leave requested, the final approval will be issued by the department or the Office of Undergraduate Programs. If the leave is not more than twenty one (21) days, the application for leave of absence will be processed by the department for approval. If the leave is more than twenty one (21) days, the department will forward the application with the student’s supporting documents, plus the department’s recommendation to the Office of Undergraduate Programs for final approval.

Note: For Common Engineering students, the application needs to be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Programs for approval.  The maximum period for leave of absence is one year, but exceptions could be made for students with extenuating circumstances (e.g. medical reasons).

Click here to apply online for Leave of Absence


Note: For information on leave to be granted for the Student Exchange Program (SEP), please refer to the websites of the relevant offices.