Student Information:

Academic Dismissal

Students who wish continue in the Engineering program must not have:

i)  CAP below 1.50 for two consecutive semesters; or


ii) CAP below 2.00 for three consecutive semesters

When any of the above applies to you, a letter of dismissal will be issued by Registrar's Office (RO). This rule applies to all cohorts of Engineering students.

Semester *

CAP < 1.5 **

CAP < 2.0 **


Academic Probation

Academic Warning



Academic Probation




 * excluding the special term
** includes essential and non-essential modules

 Procedure for Appeals against Dismissal:

Every student is allowed only one appeal.Appeals must be made by the end of the first week of a semester.

If you have been streamed to a department, then your letter of appeal (together with a copy of the letter of dismissal from Registrar's Office and other supporting documents, if any) should be addressed and submitted to your Head of Department.

If you are in ENG1 (Common Engineering), then your appeal must be addressed and submitted to the Vice Dean (Undergraduate Programs), Faculty of Engineering.