Recommended Study Schedule

Lost? Not sure what modules to read in your first year? View your recommended study schedule below to learn more about the programme structure and the modules you will be reading.

Recommended Study Schedules for full-time undergraduate students:
    - Biomedical Engineering
    - Chemical Engineering
    - Civil Engineering
    - Computer Engineering
    - Electrical Engineering
    - Environmental Engineering
    - Engineering Science Programme
    - Industrial & Systems Engineering
    - Materials Science & Engineering
    - Mechanical Engineering
    - Common Engineering

Recommended Study Schedules for full-time double-degree students:
    Students are to check with their individual home departments for the recommended study schedules.

Engineering Curriculum Structure for AY2015

Engineering Curriculum Structure for AY2014

University Level Requirements Program Requirements¹ Unrestricted Elective (UE)

General Education Modules (GEMs):
(8 MCs)

Singapore Studies (SS) Module:
(4 MCs)

2 Breadth Modules (8 MCs):
Two modules from outside the student’s faculty.

Faculty Requirements:

Aim to develop abilities required of well-rounded engineers and includes modules related to Critical Thinking, Writing & Communications, Engineering Ethics & Professionalism and Management Basics.

Foundational Requirements:

Foundational modules in Mathematics, Sciences, Programming/Computing and others.

Discipline-specific modules for various engineering programmes: Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial & Systems, Materials Science and Mechanical.

Unrestricted Elective Modules (UEMs)

Sub-total = 20 MCs (12.5%)

Sub-total = 10 MCs (6.25%)

Sub-total = 110 MCs (68.75%)

Sub-total = 20 MCs (12.5%)

Minimum required for graduation = 160 MCs

Engineering Curriculum Structure for AY2013 and before ¹
__ (except for Engineering Science Programme)

University Level Requirements Program Requirements² Unrestricted Elective Modules (UEM)

General Education
2 GEMs (8 MCs)
Engineering students must read at least one GEM from Group B: Humanities & Social Sciences group.
For further details on
GEMs, please visit

Singapore Studies
1 SS Module (4 MCs)

2 Elective Modules outside of student’s faculty (8 MCs)

Faculty Requirements

Critical Thinking & Writing (EG1413/ES1531);

Understanding Human Relations in the New Economy (HR2002);


Engineering Professionalism (EG2401)

Foundational Requirements including:
Mathematics I & II, Programming Methodology and others

Discipline-specific Modules for various programmes
(Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering and Mechanical Engineering)

Unrestricted Elective Modules
(20 MCs)

Total MCs = 20 MCs

Total MCs = 10 MCs

Total MCs = 110 MCs

Total MCs = 20 MCs

Minimum MCs required for graduation = 160

¹ All students admitted in AY2012/2013 are required to read ES2331 Communicating Engineering on a graded basis as Breadth (module type code U9).
² Please note that the programme requirements could be more for some Engineering programmes. Kindly check your department websites for more information.