Industry events – are they for me?

Do you wait until you are looking for an internship, or about to graduate before attending industry talks and other networking events? Read on for more…

Throughout the semesters, NUS Engineering organises numerous events to connect you with representatives from a wide range of companies.

However, many do not take advantage of these opportunities, often with the mistaken notion that it is too early or unnecessary to engage with industry until you graduate.

So, why should a freshmen in your first semester attend industry events? Here are some reasons that might just persuade you to do so!

  1. To learn what is out there

Most people have only a vague idea of what actually engineers do. Attending talks and asking questions will open up a whole new world of possibilities where you begin to see how the skills and knowledge learnt in your programme might be applied.

  1. To know what you want (and don’t)

Explore options you never knew existed or thought possible for your specific engineering discipline – career opportunities are much broader than what you might imagine. Take time to identify jobs and industries where you can best apply your talents and strengths for a meaningful and fulfilling career.

  1. To become a more interesting person

The more you learn about different engineering jobs and types of industries, the more you can converse knowledgeably and intelligently during interviews, not just for internships or jobs, but also for student exchange programmes and other opportunities.

  1. To practise sounding professional

Workshops and courses only go so far in equipping you with presentation skills or interview techniques. What better practice than to ask questions and discuss with engineers and recruiters in the professional setting of a networking event? Don’t worry, they are not likely to remember any mistakes you might have made should you go for an actual interview before them in future!

  1. To keep yourself motivated

Having a better idea how you might fit into the role of an engineer and use your unique abilities to solve problems and improve society and our environment will help you persevere whenever studying becomes challenging.