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Application for SEP

OPAS can be found at https://aces01.nus.edu.sg/VOPSEP/Login. If OPAS closed, please wait for the email announcement on the opening (usually somewhere in October).

Note to scholars:
Please check with your scholarship awarding body on your SEP destination before applying as some of them have certain requirements for SEP.

SEP Application Flowchart

OPAS Field Definitions:

Extension of SEP



Extension of SEP is considered on a case by case basis. You may apply for an extension of the SEP at the Partner University subject to:

a. Partner University 's:

(i) agreement to the extension at the Partner University; and

(ii) confirmation that it will not count as another 'student semester under the SEP', which will impinge on the number of NUS Exchange Students selected for future SEP at that Partner University .  

b. NUS Faculty authority's (Dean, Head of Department, etc.):

(i) agreement to the extension at the Partner University ; and

(ii) approval for the equivalent modules/courses to be taken during the extension of the SEP.

Withdrawal from SEP



Once you have been selected by the Faculty for SEP, withdrawal from the programme should not be taken lightly. Should you decide to withdraw, you should send in a formal request with your withdrawal reason(s) via email to Ms Davina THAM for consideration and copy the email to your department coordinator.

A penalty of at least $300 (up to $500) applies should you choose to accept the offer and then subsequently withdraw from SEP.