Lerwen Liu

Dr Lerwen Liu is one of the most connected persons especially in the field of nanotechnology with expertise ranging from policy, R&D, business development, investment and education. Since 1999 she has been providing strategic services to government agencies, R & D institutions and industries around the world through insightful reports covering policy, technology & capability assessments and commercialization & investment strategy. In addition to her business development services for research institutes and start-ups transferring their innovations to customers around the world, Dr Liu provides strategic advisory services to government and investment bodies in developing ecosystem framework for new industry enabled economic development. Since 2014, she created and taught an interdisciplinary program focusing innovation and entrepreneurship for sustainability at NUS.

She founded and co-founded a number of companies covering industries ranging from advanced manufacturing, waste water treatment, marine, space to investment. She is the founding secretary of the Asia Nano Forum connecting 16 economies in the Asia Pacific region and beyond fostering collaborations among its members (leading government and R&D institutions) in Nanotechnology strategic policy, standardization, nanosafety, R&D, infrastructure sharing, education and commercialization.

She is a frequent invited speaker at and organizer/moderator of various international conferences/workshops, high level summit meetings, and strategic industry round tables interacting with stakeholders from government, science & engineering, arts & social science, business and the public.

She is an Australian citizen and currently based in Singapore.


Lerwen Liu
Associate Professor